Legal Forest Tracks

Looking for a legal way to go off road in Scotland .. Not easy

But there are some *Toll* roads that are legal as follows :

Lying to the east of Loch Lomond is the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Stirlingshire which contains the 7.5 mile

This drive is only one way, but a benefit here is that you have to ride part of the glorious and technical

(but often tourbus riddled - so be warned) Duke's Pass between Aberfoyle and Callander.

In Argyll you have a route through the East Loch Awe Forest

This 12.5 mile drive runs between Loch Awe and Loch Fyne. Fantastic tarmac roads take you to and from this drive.

Leacainn has been closed as forest drive, see post

Then in the Galloway Forest Park you have 2 routes

Carrick Forest Drive & Raiders Road Forest Drive

These might only be of 6 and 10 miles respectively, but they are 2 way.

This forest drive is situated in the north of the park and is a linear route.

One entrance can be found 7 miles south of Straiton and the other entrance is

situated at the south tip of Loch Doon near Dalmellington.

The Raiders Road forest drive

This drive is situated along the A712 near Clatteringshaws visitor centre.

This drive is also linear and the other entrance is located along the A762 near New Galloway.

Straiton/Dalmellington/New Galloway is the nearest town or village.

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