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    I think this is a good thing...
    I used to think I could have a beer or a glass of wine with my meal or the folks I was meeting and then drive home no bother .. the new limit is too close to call , so now its zero, and as folk know that...... you don’t get the old " you’re ok with one".

    need to watch though , got some herbal medicine thingie for the old flu a week back.. Thought by this taste great...

    Read the back of the bottle ….. 50% Ethanol !!!!

    That’s 112 proof on the old Richter scale….. or 50% cask strength ......

    not bothered about the charity, as long as is local and of benifit to many ( Air Ambulances is a good one )

    500 miles is well doable in the summer when there is mucho daylight..

    I am in :-)

    and loads of surface water!!

    saying that there was a wee bike coming towards me this morning in appauling conditions, some poor sod heading into Alford for work persumable .. poor apprentice.. ( yes I remember it well as 16yr old , nae car :( )

    nothing at Alford, been watching,

    great display about 7 years ago, was coming back from DIY at Huntly at about 2100, November time I think ( daughters house, complete rebuid :-))

    got a call from the wife that she could see the lights, stopped on the Sui Hill middle of nowhere, dark as, and treated to a breathking dispay shooting overhead and on to well low down south, got a call about an hour later, where are you ;D

    You will try harder this year :-)

    I cure my aches and pains by getting a rubdown with a hot woman ;D

    Ok will get my mac (showing my age now :o )