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    It was actually your videos that led me to the forum !

    Love the roads around glenlyon , especially when there has been a little snow. Will try the mentioned road though, take it's all fine to go through the deer gates or is that best left for a Sunday?

    I've had a little ride along the Forestry roads around my area after a chat with some local workers & a farmer (basically don't be an arse and only use them on sat/Sun evenings) but they are rather short and full of the all bikers are bad brigade.

    Heading off on Sunday to do a wee loop up round Ness and the Cairngorms.

    Hey guys, gals and ducati owners.

    Spotted the forum link on a YouTube video and decided to see what's going on. recently switched from a varadero 1000 to a crf250l and definitely enjoying the weight loss, power loss not so much.

    Will hopefully be cramming in the trips this year so will be keep a ear out for any decent adv-ish routes.

    One question though, how up to date is the legal forest road thread ? Couple of runs i never noticed before on my travels and would love to explore if they are still legal.