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    Happy New Year y'all!

    Managed to get 200 miles out & back for lunch in last weekend with some friends, it was 70 degrees (in old money) heading back to the house. Ride was er..."spirited" shall we say? Also snuck out to the bank & dentist on the GS yesterday, both seemed like good excuses.

    Happy to help your mood !

    If you want cheered up find Peat and Diesel on catch up TV.

    BBC Alba, two programmes.

    Currently on continuous rotation at our house! We made 1 New Year's resolution - to see Peat & Diesel live in '21

    Alba has all kinds of interesting stuff we found.

    One & the same, I always use my real name as I'm too old to think up a clever avatar & too stupid to remember it if I did!

    At the risk of sounding like all those home shows we're hoping to be in by Christmas 2021 but Mr. Covid is obviously interfering with those plans. As for thinking it through, well if I did that I'd never get anything done ;)

    Hi from a fellow “newbie” to this site. That’s some history you got behind you ! Hoping the move goes well for you, but ......”open desert ‘v’ peat bogs ?? ( just jokin guys)

    Oh.... by the way, your steed looks awesome!, bringing it with you?

    Hopefully you guys will correct me but it seems that long distance off road opportunities are fairly thin on the ground in Scotland? C'est la vie...

    Probably will import the GS, I promise not to park it in the middle of the road!

    Or, greetings from the Lone Star State!

    Where do we start here...born in the UK (London, but moved around a lot), been in the USA, primarily in Dallas, Texas, for over 35 years. Met my lovely wife at high school in the UK, she's a Geordie Lass with most of her family hailing from the Border Country around Duns. It's time for us to start winding down our working lives and we're building a home on the Isle of Skye to be closer (not too close, mind you) to family.

    I've been riding since my teens (even spent a while as a despatch rider in London & lived to talk about it) and the wife is an avid pillion passenger & motorcycle enthusiast in her own right. Our current ride is a BMW R1250GSA called Tim-Buck-2, the story behind the name comes free with the purchase of a single malt. We recently downsized our home in Texas which meant the sale of my Husqvarna 501, before that I was also an avid dirt rider too, mostly desert in West Texas and Mexico (off road paradise).

    We're excited about our plans for Skye and are looking forward to the spectacular riding offered in Scotland, happy to trade some 100 degree days for wet days in the saddle! Of course the pandemic means we haven't been able to visit this year so our plans are on hold and we're left with Google Earth & route plotting until things clear up.

    If you made it this far, congrats & we look forward to riding with y'all soon.