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    An adventure bike doesn't have to be an Adventure Bike ---- but personally I avoid anything that goes Potato Potato Potato Phart Phart !

    Do you answer to Seumas as well as Jimster ?

    Hi flyfifer, couldn't agree more. I've had adventures on every bike that I have owned, Sportster included, just looking for something more comfortable and better suited to longer trips. And if its capable of going up the odd dirt road then it would be rude not to!

    Yes, I have been known to answer to Seumas although I've not been called that in a long time!

    Hello everyone and thanks for letting me join this forum,

    Firstly I have a confession to make - I do not yet own an adventure motorcycle, but I am saving up my pennies with the intent of buying an F800GS in the near future. The thought of doing large mileage trips on my current bike (Harley Sportster) now fills me with dread rather than excitement as the aches and pains take longer to dissapear afterwards. A lockdown filled with youtube videos on adventure motorcycling has reignited my desire to do lots more touring and camping in the UK and further afield, so I look forward to trawling the depths of this forum while seeking answers to all the newbie questions I have!!