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    I had a Buell about 10 years ago , a tube frame M2 ,best handling bike that I've ever ridden and full of design flaws . Yours at least has the shock working the normal way ( compressed by road bumps ) . Mine used the head steady mounts to hang the engine off ,that got replaced by a solid Billet mount from the US after the original one snapped . Did two drive belts and yes the engine vibes could be a bit intrusive around 2500 down to 2000rpm when using engine braking but other than that a really enjoyable ride .

    One problem is the needle roller bearings in the gearbox out put shaft ,if the bike is left ,say overwinter on the side stand , the bearings are out of the oil and corrode ,there is a conversion ,look up Maz Matsell on the internet , it's just a grease nipple in the end cover but it cures the problem .
    Good choice

    just signed up ,recruited by Steve T . recently bought a 94 Funduro with only 8000 miles on the clock , I had to buy it when I saw the condition and rode it . Since I bought it ,I had to swap the steering head bearings ,it just felt wrong ,feels great now .
    took it on a muddy track yesterday ,maybe some of you know it ,it crosses the Deveron at an old packhorse bridge at Alvah , for all it's size , weight and Anakee tyres , it did quite well .Up for more excursions :)