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    Seen it a few times as some of the guys use it, but never bothered myself. It records your route and you can play it back and upload it to sites to show where you've been. It's ok if you're into that sort of thing and does look good.

    They are a nightmare to get dry.

    Great for day trips but would be hopeless "on tour" due to the slow dry.

    Could you fit them in your handguard gaps to stop the finger chill and also dry the socks :D :D

    I have a few pairs of Aldi motorcycle socks. the knee length compression type and even have an L and an R sewn in so you dont forget which foot goes where ^^ hd them years and they never seem to wear out.

    What happens if you put them on the wrong feet? Do you then change gears with your right and brake with your left? :D

    Probably wrong term on my part, I was watching something else that was annoying me :/

    I just wish we could hand out common sense and morality for the idiots and fraudsters, it's getting ridiculous.

    According to the press, there's currently £7m in claims in progress, so you can't really blame the insurance companies. I blame the woke "where there's a blame there's a claim" brigade for screwing every penny they can out of every situation.

    I use an additional strap through the top handles of the panniers over the seat for that very reason. It stops them dropping and it's just a case of tightening the side straps again. Extra faff, but was worth it for me.

    When I was looking for panniers I was very keen that they came off quickly - I like Wolfman gear, but theirs had all sorts of straps which you had to wrap aeound pannier tubes, I guess like the Lomos. Another thing was no straps across the seat. Fortunately Mosko came up with the goods - they come off in a second.

    I'm too tight to buy any more :D

    I've been putting bags in the panniers, so they stay on the bike and you just open the top and pull the bag out. You still have to loosen the pannier side straps though which isn't as bad as removing them.

    No problem, thanks. I'll stick with the bags in the pannier option for now.

    That's one thing with the Lomos that frustrates me and I tend to leave them on the bike for that very reason. Not sure I understand how you've bypassed the fastening, but if you've any pics it would be appreciated :)

    The sports bike has been sorn'd till warmer weather, but the others are still on the road just incase I fancy a ride out on a warmer cold day :)

    Booked a fly-ride in Valencia for 5 days too in May just for something to look forward to.

    Wow, that's expensive. Hopefully you can manage without the bike for 6 weeks and save some dosh. Would pirates want a GS? :D :D

    If it was a choice between the Alp or the Strom, then I'd have to go with the Alp, although the Strom looks better IMO.

    The T7 is definitely the way forward and can confirm it was brilliant on the French & Spanish TET. Even in Cumbria on the trails around there it was faultless.

    I haven't bothered changing the suspension like some, as I don't find an issue with it. I just hope they don't ruin it too much by putting tech that's not needed on it.