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    I've got the same livery on my 2006 50th anniversary R1 and took it for a run yesterday after 2 years sitting in the garage. It doesn't sound as good as that and think it needs a good service, was lumpy as hell below 3k revs. Nice bike :)

    We stayed at Pitlochry just over a week ago and was surprised at some of the prices there. We stayed the YHA which was good value, but then got a shock in the town. Pint £5, (to be fair £5 seems to be becoming the norm in tourist places) fish & chips £18, Plain burger £16 and a breakfast was £13... =O

    Needless to say we found other places to eat but suffered the £5 a pint.

    After the year we've had and the loss of monies, plus the additional spend the businesses have had to spend to open, I do get that they need to up the prices a bit, but some things are just...well... wow.

    As for voting to cut your nose off to spite your face, they complain when it's quiet and no tourist money but the moment it gets a's shut the place down to day trippers or passers through. They say the West Coast is the friendliest place too...maybe they meant Ireland?8o

    I think once this blows over, the crowds will disappear back to's just one of the problems having neighbours with 61 million folk. :/

    Completely agree.

    They advertised it well and due to the pandemic, people can't or won't go abroad so have made the most it. Living in a village myself I know what a pain it can be with knobheads that spoil things, but sometimes you've got to take the money while you can and save the moaning till later. They'll soon be back on the ferries and spending money elsewhere. Just my 2c worth :/

    With contactless payment being so popular now, they should be printing the purchasers details on the potential rubbish. It's not fool proof, but would certainly make them think twice if a fine came through the door for littering.

    And the runner up is ......

    I will be in touch

    Fantastic, thanks very much Craig and well done to sloopjonbee and everyone else who entered.

    I should point out for comedy value, that this picture was captured at the top of a rocky track with large amounts of water running down. Just after it was taken, I slid all the way down, (feet first) with my jacket acting as a scoop for the freezing cold water. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) the guys missed the photo opportunity due to falling about laughing 😂😂.

    I'm not a huge Harley fan, but to be fair to them, they do do things properly. Will be good to see it up against the current adventure bikes and see how they scramble to update and improve things. :D

    Depending on what you're doing and what you want, we did the Santander crossing earlier this year for the Picos. It's so much better than riding through France and saves a couple of days holiday each way, as it's a 24hr crossing. Plus there's beer on the boat ;)

    Last year we did the Pyrenees travelling Newhaven to Dieppe, then rode down over 2 days. It's quite a distance, hence the crossing this year. We've already booked for the Pyrenees again next year, as the ferry prices go up considerably as the year goes on. Next year is into Bilbao, then ride across to the Pyrenees from there.

    When you way up the 2 days travel, plus fuel, tyres, hotel in the middle, then the same on the way back, it's worth the extra for the direct boat.
    Good luck with whatever you decide :)

    Absolute t0sser of a bloke and sets the perfect example of 'two faced'. Well travelled, but everyone is dirt on his shoe. Sorry but it's true.

    Have to agree. A few of us head off to the Alps or somewhere each year, (this year the Pyrenees) but always have to have a trip to Scotland every year without fail. Awesome place, and even better if you get the weather with few midges :-\