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    Seeing as this thread is about the CB5X I thought I'd use it to keep all you readers up to date on wot I've done/been doing in the way of fettling.

    Engine bars and lights (and some garish dayglo decals wot I made up)

    Engine bars and lights.jpg

    Number plate crud catcher

    No Plate Rearcrud deflector.jpg

    Raer suspension crud deflector (secured to the front of the hugger wot I fitted - not pictures, just like the fender extender)

    Rearcrud deflector.jpg



    And not yet fitted, my home made sumpguard (needs finishing and spraying) shown alongside the cardboard template

    4-S-Guard Card-alloy.jpg

    I've also fitted some luggage racks which just happen to take both the Enduristan Monsoon 3 throw-overs and my DIY Pelicase boxes (no piccies of them)


    Now to get the running in thing over and down with, to allow some proper riding to be done :)

    Steve T


    The “Jen” does not nag. X/

    The “Jen” will go out when the “Jen” feels like it and others can come along to bask in her glorious presence if they are so deemed worthy....

    Thats "me" told then, isn't it! Again, well done you for cracking on and getting into the biking groove :)

    Glad all your effort has been proven to be worth it Craig. Good call with the oil weight. Made sense to put the pre-load rings back to the previous position - a known for you on that bike. I'm sure that you'll have it fully suited to you in no time what so ever.

    Looking forward to seeing you both out on the road.

    Steve T


    Well done that man - just seen the pictures of your little ride out - cold indeed today.

    How does it feel after all your fettling?

    I can honestly say that I can't see the day that you move that bike on, what with all the work, time and miles that you've put into it.

    Top work Craig - now enjoy it as much as you can before Jen starts nagging you to go for a "little run" with the Vara at your side :thumbup:

    Steve T



    Well done you Jen :thumbup: . . . and you Craig for all the fettling and the "off-piste" instruction :thumbup:.

    So what now, find someone to look after the hounds and a steady ride to Strontian on May?

    Happy days to the both of you.

    Steve T


    CB5X was taxed as part of the "buying process" according to the garage, so yes, it is legal to ride, it's just tht I'm kinda "mid fettle" at the moment 8| ;)

    Plan is to "do" the NC500 on the CB500 over a weekend in March (weather permitting cos i'll be camping), getting the running thing over and done with in a oner.

    Neils thinking of joining me on his latest WC R1200GS! We'll see!

    Steve T


    Glad to see that your tackling the "hard to do" jobs on the 650 Alp 8|

    How much of a pain to work round was that expansion box on the exhaust?

    What did the shock action feel like with the spring removed? It looks to be more"re-fillable" than the one on the 600 Alp.

    Looking forward to riding with you in the weeks/months to come :thumbup:

    Steve T


    Looking good there Craig.

    Looks to be road ready before the Boss has even booked the CBT at this rate! You planning on road testing it extensivly before she gets a chance of riding it?

    Steve T


    The ones I got fall to bits. The chairs feet push out the loose fitting bottom cap of the feet thingies, allowing the chair to bury a foot.

    I'm using one of the cheap Aldi chairs, so maybe other chairs with different shaped feet would fare better.

    Still use them, just got to be carefull as I put my weight onto the seat, in case one has dislogged itself!

    Steve T