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    Its you Andy :whistling:

    Just back from checking them out in the dark - Feck they are bright 8)

    Might have to think twice about using them as running lights and stick with the bottom set :evil:

    Amendment to the above - eldest pointed out the with the lights fitted, the forks would hit the lights when turning.

    So Steve pops a rivet, knocks up an extension that takes the lights forwards and away from the forks and its all good to go.

    Just waiting for a Honda light switch from Rugged Roads - pops straight into the dash and there is a switched power source plug waiting to be mated up to the switch :thumbup:

    I will pop up some photos once its all finished :/

    More farkling for me! Got a second hand Givi light for the the CB yesterday and its a bit "clunky" for my liking, so guess what?

    Yep, I went and knocked up my own version that allows a bit more flexability on how you mount the lights themselves . . .

    Light bar.JPG

    So discreet on the bike (without lights fitted yet) that you'd hardly know its there.

    Onwards & upwards

    Get your 1st service out of the way and we can pile some miles on that shinny machine of yours ;)

    Any of the bling that you've ordered arrived yet?

    On my squad I use a tick lasso (no, you don't get to swing it around your head then throw it at the dog :rolleyes:).

    There are also some little gadgets that have a small fork at the business end that slides around the ticks head area, then you do the twist thing and out they come . . .…77032211&psc=1&th=1&psc=1

    The horrid little things are rife this year - took 26 off the two youngsters after a training session on ground I don't usually use . . . . and won't be using again any time soon :cursing:. I've had two attached to me this year and before that only ever had one in my 60+ years 8|.

    Ok, thats 2k miles rolled on these tyres and I have to say that they are rather impressive grip wise in the wet & dry :thumbup:.

    This mornings ride ended with me covering nearly 20 miles of rain sodden roads, with large amounts of water running across the carriageway as well as falling from the sky. Whilst I obviously reduced velocity a little, the grip from these Mitas tyres round the rural roads was brilliant. Well worth the £160 fitted price for the pair :thumbup:

    Craig - they are what the CB5X came fitted with. IMO they are OK for normal road riding and will do tracks that either aren't wet or muddy.

    Nearly 2.5k miles on them so far and they seem to be wearing OK - lost around 2 of the 6mm that the rear tyre had on delivery.

    Where did you get them fitted?

    I tried my bestest to put some miles under my wheels yesterday. Left home under cloudy skies and about 12 miles later rode into clouds, which promptly drenched me. Only managed around 40 miles.

    Must try harder 8o

    Now I doubt that I'm alone with this condition - never throw anything away, just In case (JIC) :whistling:

    So I can admit now to having a substantial stash of ageing motorcycle magazines going back a "few" years :whistling:, into which I occasionally delve to provide myself with some interesting reading whilst slurping on my porrige first thing in the morning (after walking the dogs of course :)).

    So, imagine my suprise when this morning, having pulled a random magazine out of one of the piles that, according to the Boss, clutter up the consevatory, I came face to face with this character . . .

    Issue 6 of the ABR magazine from just 9 years ago . . .

    Now, what little gems have the other hoarders on here got stashed away that might make us smile?