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    Ok, thats 2k miles rolled on these tyres and I have to say that they are rather impressive grip wise in the wet & dry :thumbup:.

    This mornings ride ended with me covering nearly 20 miles of rain sodden roads, with large amounts of water running across the carriageway as well as falling from the sky. Whilst I obviously reduced velocity a little, the grip from these Mitas tyres round the rural roads was brilliant. Well worth the £160 fitted price for the pair :thumbup:

    Craig - they are what the CB5X came fitted with. IMO they are OK for normal road riding and will do tracks that either aren't wet or muddy.

    Nearly 2.5k miles on them so far and they seem to be wearing OK - lost around 2 of the 6mm that the rear tyre had on delivery.

    Where did you get them fitted?

    I tried my bestest to put some miles under my wheels yesterday. Left home under cloudy skies and about 12 miles later rode into clouds, which promptly drenched me. Only managed around 40 miles.

    Must try harder 8o

    Now I doubt that I'm alone with this condition - never throw anything away, just In case (JIC) :whistling:

    So I can admit now to having a substantial stash of ageing motorcycle magazines going back a "few" years :whistling:, into which I occasionally delve to provide myself with some interesting reading whilst slurping on my porrige first thing in the morning (after walking the dogs of course :)).

    So, imagine my suprise when this morning, having pulled a random magazine out of one of the piles that, according to the Boss, clutter up the consevatory, I came face to face with this character . . .

    Issue 6 of the ABR magazine from just 9 years ago . . .

    Now, what little gems have the other hoarders on here got stashed away that might make us smile?

    If they haven't been charged with contravening any CV19 directives from Wee Jimmies regime then any good lawyer will blast a hole through whatever charges they have been presented on.

    And even if they have been charged with some CV19 contravention, then said lawyer will have a field day shredding that to pieces as well.

    Just my opinion.

    Steve T


    I was in my Coleman Phad X3 for the Ullapool "blow" - stood up very well to the windy onslaught. Only got the 350 Omega from Jim year before last - went down to Dent without taking a tent and bought the 350 from Jim en-route :)

    Steve T


    Today, on a run to ARI and back via the mostest scenic routes I could find, the "new" tyres rolled past their first thousand miles.

    Still can't find the edge of these things - not helped by the centre stand grounding out way too early =O

    The air temp was apparently up around the 16 degrees C mark this afternoon on the way back and the tyre temperature touch test when I got home was quite telling - both front and rear covers were really hot. Been sitting at around the NSL for the whole journey, 180 mile round trip, so nothing outlandish speed wise (come on, its a 22 year old Transalp ;)), so the temperature when touch tested was very suprising.

    To early to look for signs of wear but it will be interesting to see how they hold up given the temp they got to today.

    Steve T


    T7 model, seeing as its a twin seater ;)

    though with that nose number it could be an export model, amybe a Swiss one, and they had different model numbers.

    Right, off to hang up my anorak :D

    Steve T


    PS - just looked it up and its an ex Dutch T7 :)

    I can only second what Jim has said about the Omega 350 (I wont, cos he's already rit it :))

    As a "base camp" type tent i.e your staying at one location for more than a day, it makes perfect sense, to me at least. The porch area is vast compared to either the Vaude Hogan or my Coleman Phad X3.

    Choices, choices, choices :/

    Steve T


    Awesome work Jim. Anyone woukd think you'd done it before, the ease with which your slotting it all back together ;)

    Top quality photos as well :thumbup:

    Awaiting the next instalment - now, wheres a popcorn smiley when you want one :rolleyes:

    Steve T


    Got it in one Craig :thumbup:

    Did some work in the Dufftown area, had some work around Tomintoul so took the "scenic" route ;)

    Empty roads, clear blue skies and loverly warm temperature - perfect riding conditions :rolleyes:

    Steve T