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    Go to the Sw-Motech site, find your bike on their list and look for the sump guard. Open up that page and you will see a tab named "downloads" under the picture of the guard. This will open up a pdf of the fitting instructions.

    That damage you linked too looks like the machine has come DOWN onto something rather than being ridden over something. Possibly from a wheelly?


    Having just perused the Motech fitting instructions for this sump guard and having used Motech gear in the past, I'd say that you'll be fine with that set up.

    They use two other areas on the engines underside to secure more mounting brackets and between those three mounting points I'd guess at any "normal" load transfered the the mounting points would be well spread. Just don't go rock hopping on yer Tracer thinking that it's impervious to damage 8o

    I recently used some engine mounting points (not sump bolts) on the CB5X to secure my home made jobby . . . a re-think has been forced upon me due to the lack of suitability of said mounting points 8|.

    Just sent off an adaptor kit to the another CB5X user who wanted to try my handy work. The latest mounting system doesn't put any load on the previously used mounting points and has thus far taken the abuse I've given it :whistling:

    Visited the road today. Didn't go all the way to the end - save that for another day ;)

    Cracking ride - I'll fire some photo's up behind Three Dawgs ones from yesterday.


    Neither set of lights are Givi - I bought a 2nd hand Givi light mounting bar, not lights. The 2nd hand light bar is for sale, if any discernig CB5X owner wants it for wot I paid (less if collected ;))

    For info, the top set of lights are a cheap set from . . . China probably. The lower set were even cheaper cos they were free - they came off of eldests old bike :)

    Might have to have another re-think about the latest set up as, due to the "robustness" of the upper lights, the whole affair vibrates & wobbles something terrible. Now, where did I put that thinking cap?

    Its you Andy :whistling:

    Just back from checking them out in the dark - Feck they are bright 8)

    Might have to think twice about using them as running lights and stick with the bottom set :evil:

    Amendment to the above - eldest pointed out the with the lights fitted, the forks would hit the lights when turning.

    So Steve pops a rivet, knocks up an extension that takes the lights forwards and away from the forks and its all good to go.

    Just waiting for a Honda light switch from Rugged Roads - pops straight into the dash and there is a switched power source plug waiting to be mated up to the switch :thumbup:

    I will pop up some photos once its all finished :/