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    Take the time that you need to get the injury sorted and you'll be back riding soon enough :thumbup:

    And carry on the great work on the site :thumbup::thumbup:

    Morning Phil.

    I'm a good 4 hr ride from Skye, so an evening meet is a non starter for me I'm afraid. It's not just the distance but the big hairy, horned beasties that wander onto the roads of an evening. I've dodged the horny beasts in the car & the bike in the past, in day light and in the darker hours, and it's not a great deal of fun.

    My condolences on the passing of your father.

    Not been over to Skye for a few years - the thought of dodging camper vans and caravans due to the islands increased popularity as a holiday destination does little to encourage me to venture over there . . . plus I spent a good while transitting back & forth to the ferry terminal at Uig when working on the outer isles.

    So, you name a place and a time and it's be good to meet for a cuppa and a chat.

    Steve T


    Saw our 1st on th 22nd and a house martin the next day. Swallows are about a week later than usual in their arrival with us. I also saw my first warbler last week as well. Not certain which type but we mainly get lesser white throated ones here abouts.

    I did see oa swallow a week before that, over towards Inverness, along with a good sized group of sand martins. Also spotted a Osprey sitting on the nest on the power pylon next to the road to Achnasheen on the same day. Oh, and there were the pair of red kites hunting a field just before Contin.

    On the estate where I shoot there is an osprey nest just a little distance from one of our release pens. The pair that use it have been back since just after the begnning of the month.

    I for one had no doubts about your ability to get the old girl back into the shape she was in before your little slide. Nice when your your handy work . . . works out isn't it :)

    Now carry on adding miles to the odo - you know you want to ;)

    "Call that a knife!"

    Call that a Knife.jpg

    A British P1858 Naval Yatahgan Sword bayonet that was given to me by a neighbour just before he emigrated to New Zealand many years ago. I stupidly put a good edge on it just after i received it . . . then promptly sliced my hand trying to catch it one day when it slipped from its hook on the garage wall <X. Took the edge off it once I'd stopped leaking red stuff. The small, 3.5cm bladed SAK is there for comparison :)

    Not saying that I've got a "thing" for blades, but here are a few others I have laying around along with some light knife reading material . . .

    Blade Collection_autoscaled.jpg

    1 – Survival Knife as found in the survival pack fitted to ejection seats

    2 – Fairbairn-Sykes Commando knife

    3 – Shrade lock knife. Given to me by a old pal many years ago. Makes a great gralloching knife

    4 – Gerber Gaitor lock knife. Bought on my first tour with US forces

    5 – Leatherman Multi tool. Gifted to me by the US EOD team I served with on my first tour. Sits in a pocket of my bike jacket

    6 – Small SAK. Sits nicely in the pocket of my bike jacket alongside the Leatherman

    7 – Leatherman Multi tool. Eldest got it in the US

    Now, how many axes do I have?

    Cracking bit of kit ain't it Jim!

    I borrowed a trangia set from Lowflyer many years ago for a euro trip and was sold on it so much I got my own. The one I sold to Jim was replaced with a non stick version - saves on water when cleaning :).

    I mainly use the gas burner but I'm intrigued by the gel fuel stuff. Time to go tinternet surfing and find some (still got some meths somewhere from my attempts to use the small burner).

    Keep the info series going Jim - helps fill the freezing days and nights :thumbup: