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    Tad damp yesterday :whistling: but absoloutely great out today working the dogs :thumbup:

    Moray was lucky in that it was on the edge of the deluge clouds yesterday.

    Stay safe out there indeed everyone :thumbup:

    Neither the Alp or the new Strom will get my money - both have way too much tech on them, which for me, is mainly not required & unnessecary.

    The Yamaha T7 is appearing to be more and more like my next large trail big if I ever move on from the F8GS. As far as tech goes, it's only got switchable ABS and a simple LCD dash (the 1st version at least - the updated one has a fancy dash, apparently :rolleyes: )

    Just my opinion - others are available :whistling:

    8| OMG  8|

    You will be missed at the various gatherings that we have attended together.

    Who am I gonna chase round the lanes with now? Last years Shropshire video is now even more special :thumbup:

    Bad news - I know where you live ;)

    Take care Andy and keep in touch . . . you never know when Ill be passing =O


    Cracking weekend, ADV Scotlands 1st use of the Barrow campsite near Nairn.

    Here are a few views at sunrise on Saturday . . . after a rather windy night




    Took a few souls out for a bimble around the Gairloch loop, with the first stop being the viewpoint at the head of Glen Docherty . . .



    We popped down to the Slatterdale car park on the side of Loch Maree, just to take in the view after an enjoyable ride alongside the loch – no picture taken.

    We then headed to the Atlantic Convoy memorial, through a rather heavy downpour that was being pushed along by a very strong cross wind . . .


    After taking on some warming fluids at Gairloch we carried on towards Ullapool, stopping at the Loch Broom viewpoint . . .


    Took the “normal” road back to Inverness and then onto Nairn and the campsite. Not a long days riding all in all but the weather at times made it a challenge.

    Cracking short weekend camping with new faces and some old (some REALLY OLD).

    Great to see nearly all that put their names down attending.

    Barrow site gets a triple thumbs up from me :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:

    Nice going Andy :thumbup:

    I was on the 702 on Tuesday when heading home from the deep south. On the way down I took the 701 to Moffat. Not used that route before, but I will do in the future - it's ACE

    Its wet in the west you know!

    Well, I’m a wimp.

    Went through to Strontian on Thursday for the annual get together. The weather forecast said it was going to be wet . . . . and unfortunately they got it right :!: .

    Kinda wetish going through, as was the Friday as I wandered around the peninsulars small roads & tracks.

    The wind got up to the “feck, that’s a bit breezy” level on Friday evening and into Saturday morning, with copious amounts of water being dumped as well 8| . A couple of tents of varying vintage showed their age and left their occupants a tad damp (no pictures, cos I’m not really that nasty :evil: ).

    Given that the winds were set to strengthen and with no real let up in the rain either, by 8am on Saturday morning the Fife contingent had up’d pegs and were on the road to home. Next out the gate was the Glasgow chapter, all one of them (Dave).

    Those departures left me thinking about the day ahead, with no bothy available to hide from either the wetness or, if the wind did drop (no chance), the swarms of midges! So I decided to pack up, feck orf east, where surprise surprise, the sun was out (wind was at my back nearly all the way home, which was a bonus as it was still blowing a hooley for all of the 140 ride).

    One picture from the ride west on Thursday, at a favourite layby with a view, for a nice cuppa


    Castle Tioram photod on Fridays wander


    Took a small (18 mile) shortcut on the way back to camp. Always nice to get a picture of the Glenn Finnan monument with the bike in the way


    And then the same with the H. Potter train viaduct . . .



    Final photo is from the climb away from Loch Sheil, heading back to Strontian


    Given the advance notice of the sh1te weather, it was great to see 13 riders turn up by Friday evening. Several new faces in the small crowd – Paul frae Leuchars and Alexs pal Dave from Inversnekky - good the see the word is spreading that we don’t bite :whistling: !

    Methinks another venue might be needed for the next annual gathering – one with an area that those attending can gather, chat & chill in the dry.

    We came back that way weekend before last and it was open.

    According to a local who can see the bridge from his house, they are only closing the road as they need to when doing work on the replacement bridge, so a bit hit & miss and not reet helpful if planning a route north/south.

    WTF 8|

    The saying goes, Iain, that with age comes wisdom :D

    Enjoy running it in, then take it easy with the loud grip ;)