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    . . . Canyon was spectacular, although we failed to see any condors . . .

    Might I suggest you "play deed", fart every now and then to create the oduor of decay and keep one eye open for when the blighters finally spot you as lunch and head your way :D

    Epic write up & pictures of an epic trip . . . though I'd have thought you dressed in the local skirt and not yer lady would have pulled in more views ;)  :D

    Just found out that the great soup spiller that was Andy McCowan has left on his final ride ;(

    He was laid to rest at the end of last month - silly auld bugger apparently wanted no fuss.

    Gonna miss yer banter auld man . . . and following your lines around the bends :thumbup:

    Ride smooth and safe fella, on whatever road your riding ;(

    CB5X in a new frock, to me at least.

    Still not truelly off road capable - weight saving on cast wheels means, to my simple mind, that they will be even more fragile should you venture off the less than smooth stuff

    This is a piccy from a good while ago . . .


    This location is, as you can see, off the beaten track (no suprises there then :whistling: )

    The land mass you can see in the background has only one lived in building on it and you can't drive there!

    Let the games begin . . . please don't expect me to keep checking on your answers every nanosecond - I'll do it next time i switch the PC/laptop on.

    TTFN :)

    Tiiiiiick tooooock, tiiiiiiick toooooock slooooowly went the clock.

    Ride safe and see you soon,


    I was over the road last week without problem and saw no sign of planned works.

    They were re-doing two bridges on the Moray side last year, hence the closures.

    After sharing a coffee with Craig yesterday . . . Ok, we had seperate mugs!. I can confirm that Craigs is VERY excited

    Well, today I actually got to oggle and fondle a new 750 Alp at Ecosse in Aberdeen. It was still in the process of being built up, but they'd wheeled it out of the work shop so they could actually do some work 0n customers machines.

    1st impression - looks to me like its been built to a price. The paint finish wasn't that great and the panels felt flimsy. It's a matt grey paint finish on their demo bike - maybe the gloss white paint scheme will show off the bike better . . . but the panels will still be flimsy!

    The rear shock has to have pre-load adjusted by your faithful "C" spanner (hopefully supplied with the bike in a tool kit). How much would a remote pre-load knob have cost in money terms and weight penalty - not much would be my guess.

    All the identifying decals are just stickers on top of the paint, no laquer in site, so easy to pick off. Even my 2020 CB500x had laquered over decals on the tank!

    The rear brake reservoir is under the rear wheel arch (behind a crud/splash guard admitedly) - what a right pain thats going to be when fluid change time comes around! I couldn't even see the mounting bolt that holds it in place.

    The sump has a huge carbuncle of a protrudence on its bottom, with a large flat face facing forward . . . and the bike doesn't come with a sump guard of any sort as standard, but £400 will get you a Honda one 8| .

    It's tall, like F800GS tall - I was on tip toes, just like I am on my F8GS. Only a problem for normal sized folk - you leggy feckers would be bovvered by it ;)

    Ecosse reckon on it being available to test ride in about 10 days - didn't ask what the delay would be, cos I'm honestly not that interested in trying it out.

    Note to anyone thinking of getting one - check the chain tension. The chain on this one was near bow string tight 8| . The label containg the chain tension info said between 50 + 55mm on what looked like the top chain run :?: . Obviously the tech at Honda thought they knew better :!:

    Roll on a real person doing a test ride report on one - maybe it rides OK :?: