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    He was flown by air ambulance to James Cook hospital in Middlesborough, haven't heard anything for a couple of days as I'm off work at the moment but he was described as 'critical but stable.' I work on the same shift as a guy who attended the incident, he's also part time at Penrith. James Cook is the best hospital in the country at what it does, he is in good hands.

    My philosophy now is can a new bike be thousands n thousands better than what I've got. The answer, to me at least, is no. 07 Varadero does everything I want and need it to do. To spend/borrow a squidload of cash for what essentially would really only be shinier and newer don't do it for me now. I wouldn't go any faster, further or longer on a new bike.

    If it's the one at Maryport Blues Festival from years ago then yes it was me. Some drunk decided to jump into the harbour but forgot that it's best to have water in or it hurts a bit. What wasn't shown was my 'not so polite request' to take the camera out of my face whilst I do my job, followed by the 'difference of opinion' with management about how to do my job. After the second incident I never saw blokey with the camera.

    If you remember, ask about it next time we meet up as a lot more went on behind the scenes :-X

    "Nakkeling" or "Nackeling/Nackling" is to just potter about doing what you enjoy, tinker, fiddle, fettle, scud about and any other derivation thereof.

    It was Jamie Whitham who I heard say it first when he was talking about Tom Sykes and his new house a few years back. He said his house overlooked Tom's and he could see him nackeling about all day - building walls, fencing, bit of roof work, fiddling with his car. Doing nothing in particular just on the go constantly doing little jobs.

    So I guess we all nackle to an extent :) I do.

    Like minded chap, I remember seeing all that timber and thinking how many sheds I could build with that, then them containers with the BMW bits came ashore, then complete bikes. Wow, usually only happens in dreams :)

    Think maybe Kenbo is referring to the ship that lost all them containers and timber years ago down south and there was a free for all 'salvaging' the stuff wot came ashore - including brand new BMW bikes and spares.

    Gonna sound like a stuck record as I've posted similar before but I still like the site a lot, not too big, no bickering, whinging, the 'you need XXX bike for adventures' rubbish. Just like minded sorts with much the same interests, riding bikes coz we enjoy it.

    I don't post much but look in every day, more than once usually.

    Thanks for running the forum.

    It just flies by. I remember as a kid trying to work out how old I'd be in the year 2000 and gave up!! Now it's 2015 already.

    Best wishes to all for the coming year and many good adventures on bikes :)

    Hi Peter/Nicole

    West Cumbria, Seaton. Had friends who lived in K Stephen.

    I was almost born in Thurso, the railway station platform actually, but hung on in there until hospital :o. I knew nowt about this until just a few years ago. Dragged the caravan up 2010 knowing nothing about the north coast and I felt I was home, can't explain it, and since that day I knew I was going to live in Caithness.

    I had a 650 Alp for a good few years, cracking bike, never let me down.

    Roll on next/this year (crikey, it's 2015).

    Greetings from a displaced Caithnessian, hence the username :) Up north quite a few times each year, the bit of elastic won't snap. Be back permanently soon. Hope to catch up with you in May at Strontian and maybe catch up on my trips up next year.