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    Friend of mine left his 1150gs in my garage many years ago when he went on holiday. Said I could use it but was big into sportsbikes at the time (I had a Fireblade) Before he came home I decided to give his bike a run. Yes, it was totally different to the Fireblade but I just thought wow, vibraty (new word), heavy but comfy and I could see over cars and hedges.

    So I guess it was that first ride on the 1150 that made me realise I liked that style of bike and it suited my kind of riding.

    That ability to sit up high, comfy and style of bike and riding does not really explain why one bike has driven the whole boom. I have sat on a GS, but not ridden one. My reasons for not getting one and going for a KLE500 and then a Versys was those advantages of the GS, without the weight and cost to buy.

    According to Visor Down, the BMW GS range is the cause of the adventure bike boom

    "Between January and September last year, the GS wasn’t just the only bike over 125cc in the top 10. Add the two versions of it together and it was number one. The base model R1200GS came in at number two, while the R1200GS Adventure was eighth. Between them they sold 2,198 units, hammering Honda’s budget commuter, the CBF125, into a humiliating second place, with 1,526 sales.

    Some call it an adventure bike boom. Certainly every other manufacturer is clambering to get on the bandwagon. But none of the rivals, however good, even dimple BMW’s dominance. Because people don’t really want ‘adventure’ bikes. They want GSes."

    Read more:…/24506.html#ixzz2taH3xqYl

    Other adventure bikes sell in tiny quantities so without the GS there would be no boom, just a fringe following. Interesting.

    Plenty of parking too. Apart from that I travel to Glasgow every day for work so try and avoid going when its my day off will be quite happy when MCS relocate from Renfrew down to near Fenwick :)

    Cheers Allan

    I will miss my local dealer. I hear Ride On have lost Yamaha and are downsizing to second hand only. So Glasgow will lose three big makers in quick succession.

    I am not sure if it is open yet, but confirmation J&S have taken over the Hein Gericke store on Gt Western Rd, Glasgow.

    I like J&S have most of kit has come from the Hamilton store. I know Glasgow is no where near as big, but I am sure they can order stuff and instead of rails of things there will be one or two of each size. I only ever bought a Hein Gericke jacket and trousers from the shop and that was in the first closing down sale. Sorry Hein Gericke, but your stuff was too expensive for what it was. J&S provide better choice and prices. I really like the IXS kit from Switzerland.

    Types of bike go in and out of fashion and it hard to know who drives that trend, the media, the buyers or the manufacturers. I can see why naked bikes are becoming fashionable as they are less expensive, less costly if dropped, easier to service and have a lower seating position than adventure bikes whilst retaining the comfort.

    With naked bikes you get everything from the futuristic new Z1000 to the retro Royal Enfields. So they cater for all tastes.

    The funny thing was the crims put a "hit" out on the Audi because it was policing the areas that they where punting there $h!t from lol



    True, it had to be hidden away when not in use!!!! I have seen the off road bikes on the Forth and Clyde canal tow paths. Looks brilliant fun.

    I prefer the waterproof, better security and looks of the Givi hard cases on the Versys to the Weise soft panniers I use on the KLE500. Being waterproof is the main advantage for me. The same applies to top boxes as my bike lives outside all the time.

    The new BMW R Nine T looks fabulous and takes naked bike a step on with its customise me approach. Visor Down is trending with naked bikes…bikes-revealed/24386.html

    with another BMW, the F800R topping its Top 10 list. It has also lamented the lack of muscle (big naked) bikes available at the moment in the UK, bikes which you can still get in Japan.…e-bike-revival/24345.html

    I like naked bikes over Tupperware bikes with huge fairings and cramped sports bikes. Riders are getting older and want comfort, hence as you say there has been a tall bikes/adventure bike trend, of which I have been a part with my Versys and KLE500. My next bike, well its will be a naked (big) one, such as the XJR1300 so I have some oomph with my armchair!I am not trending, it is just a coincidence the bikes that suit me are in vogue.

    I ride and commute all year round and have been doing so for 3 years now. I have just had to arrange a lift for only the second time since I started. The only other time was when "Hurricane Bawbag" struck in December 2011 when I got to work but had to get a lift home!