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    Probably the same as this year, a few trips away with the tent around Scotland and the North of England. I just do not relish spending hours on motorways to get to other places further away. I also want to go to the Scottish motorbike show.

    If crud is sticking to the bike, you have put on too much. ACF50 comes in a rattle can, so I shake it like it is paint and also warm the can by leaving it in the sun for a while. Then when the spray comes out it is finer. That is what All Year Biker are in effect doing when they say

    "High pressure spray equipment atomises ACF50 into a dense mist that penetrates deep into every area of your bike."

    I also apply ACF50 by spraying a clean brush and painting it on. That leaves a fine film, which is what you want.

    I have swapped bikes. The Versys is away for the winter and its service. The KLE500 is now in service, but no trips, just commuting and short runs. The change in the weather means trips are going to few and far between.

    I say Scotland, but my knowledge is Glasgow based. Since I started riding the general Glasgow area has lost BMW(Bishopbriggs), KTM (Avuss), Yamaha(Ride On), Triumph(MCS) and Victory(Finnieston Xtreme) dealerships. Kawasaki is pretty much defunct and I think they are on their way out. I believe the same is true for Honda. So we are left with H-D, Suzuki and Ducatti.

    The only new dealers as such are doing various Chinese, Korean brands or UK ones that by from such (WK, Sinnis, Kymco etc)

    The dealers may lose the brands but at least some remain such as MCS in Renfrew. They are staying open, but for second hand bikes and an expanded clothing/accessories section.

    How is the rest of Scotland getting on?

    I stopped the day smoking was banned in pubs. So I have saved an absolute fortune especially since a pack of 20 is nearing £10 :o When I gave up it was more like £2.50.

    That was what I was asked today in response to another biker seeing this

    I was a bit confused at first as to why the chap thought my bike was a rental, but when he explained he had seen the sticker, I could see why he thought what he did. :)

    Accept the bankers draft on the condition he accompanies you to your bank to deposit it into your account prior to him loading up bike or riding away on it.

    If it's genuine, it will clear pretty much immediately on deposit. If it's fraudulent, he simply won't agree to going to the bank.

    You got a bank local to you? I know we don't all have one handy.

    x2. I am sure a bankers draft means it clears immediately, so you will know there and then if there is a problem or not.

    I like the store, but have never been particularly impressed with the staff. They do not seem very enthusiastic or even if they are actually bikers. The size and choice makes up for any shortfalls.