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    The Scotland in miniature is so true. Great roads (though not been for a while so cannot speak to road surface conditions) and you can do a figure of 8 round the island with north and south loops going on the String road both ways. Lots to do and see and great places to stop for a coffee.

    I have never heard of salt in the soap. I do use garage washers. I cover the bike in the foam using the brush, but not touching the bike with the brush (as they often have bits of grit in them). I wait a bit and then rinse, standing well back and not blasting the bike. I find I can easily clean the bike that way for £1 in my local place, as £1 gives me 3 minutes. It is not a very thorough wash, but it does to keep it reasonably clean.

    Otherwise, buy a big B&Q orange bucket, a sponge, Muck off spray, a shammy, a soft brush, some degreaser and ACF50. Then make friends with someone who will store that lot for you, has a driveway and a hose and give your bike a thorough clean a couple of times a year.

    Supplement with the local car wash.

    Is this the consequence of the NW500 and reports of a big increase in traffic and clueless drivers/riders?

    I lived in Argyll and know when I had 50 miles to do to get to a shop, I would often just go for it. Then you round a corner and a tourist has stopped somewhere stupid for a photo or drifted onto the wrong side of the road or gets confused about how to use a single track road.

    It works fine when most of the road users are locals or where I was, tourists who come back every year and also know the roads. It goes wrong with inexperienced or foreign drivers/riders.

    Lovely island I have driven around. You can do the whole lot in a morning top to bottom and a trip across the causeway to Vatersay. Time going to the airport so you see a plane land/take off from the beach. The castle at Castlebay is work a boat trip. Eriskay has a few dead end single rack roads and the Am Politician pub did nice meals when I was there (20 years ago). Expect it to be windy.

    Both are about the scenery and sea views.

    Ha! That's cool and it's quintessential Rhode Island! Did you have a Coney Island Weiner or a Quahog?

    No, we were at Cape Code, had seafood and one of the guys was very ill afterwards. I was 16 and we were at a International Scout Jaboree.

    I would not seriously recommend you visit Alloa, but if you are on the east coast, I would recommend St Andrews and the roads there are great.

    I do The Motorbike Forum (TMBF) annual challenge of tags around the country. Some years I just do trips to get tags (like this year) other years I try and visit a part of the country I have not been to (at least on the bike) and then tour visiting the tags. I loved Lincolnshire, bombing around on the flat, lots of 90 degree corners around the fields and tons of railway crossings.

    I have replaced my Versys 650 with the 1000 and it is far more capable on the motorway, which makes long distances much more manageable. So 2018 and I think I will head south, maybe even finally go to Lands End.

    Went out on Sunday, the bike thermometer hit 14 degrees in Arrochar, the downside was the low sun, blinding even with the internal sun visor.