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    Found on facebook, by…bartonshirePoliceDivision

    Posting just in case anyone has any info. I do not think anyone here would hit and run.

    "At 0930hrs on 08/10/23, a cyclist went from Achnamara to Cairnbaan over the forestry road. When approaching Dunans, near Cairnbaan, he met two trail bikes travelling at speed. One bike collided with the cyclist, causing him an injury. The bikers did not stop. If you can provide any information, call 101 and quote incident 1817 08/10/23."

    Ferry success this year and booked on the Uig to Tarbert ferry. The website said lots of availability, but most routes were not available. Going on a late afternoon Tuesday sailing and back on the Sunday sailing, which will mean getting home around midnight.

    Looking forward to riding the "Golden Road".

    A friend bought a house on Harris just before the pandemic struck. He uses it when home from working abroad. This was going to be my chance to visit. I was looking to go in three weeks time, and in the past I have been told not to worry about bikes on Calmac ferries, there is always space. Not this time. Both Uig and Ullapool routes are full for the first week of August with only space left for foot passengers and pedal bikes.

    I find cars tend to be cheaper in Englandshire than Scotland. Arnold Clark used to be dreadful, but have improved significantly over the past few years, with great service from AC Renault, VW and Honda dealerships. The price you see is pretty much the price you pay, especially now there is a supply issue and car prices are on the rise.

    This is surely a temporary blip as we emerge from the pandemic. Staycations (we are having three this year and managed two last year) will start to drop off as international travel returns.

    AirHawk joins my list of things I wish I had bought sooner; heated grips, side stand foot and a decent sat nav. I would have saved myself so much hassle if I just bitten the bullet and bought them for my first big bike, my KLE500. But, it was only £2500 and £600 on those four items was a lot of extra cash to find.

    Finally had a decent run to try out the Airhawk I got Christmas 2019. Home to Aberfeldy to home, 200 miles, 5 hours riding and it was brilliant. No pad and I would have been aching by the time I got to Aberfeldy. The Bumbag4bikers pad I had would have been OK, but the AirHawk meant I did the entire ride as comfortably as the moment I set off. I know at just over £100 it is expensive, but now I know, I wish I had paid for it sooner.

    My only criticism is it is insecure and prone to being stolen. I think a mesh cover to go over it and the rest of the seat is needed.

    The comment "We returned to the car 6 hours later to find that my car, along with the 2 cars in front of me had parking fines but the two cars behind me (away from the road, towards the gate) did not!" can be explained by whoever issued the tickets ran out, hence 2 cars got lucky.

    This is a good idea;…id-influx-of-visitors?top

    "Highland Council is to ease licensing regulations to enable landowners with suitable sites to provide continental style motorhome stopovers, known as ‘Aire’."

    I can still see problems, since allowing stop over sites works for self-contained campers, but what about the many that have no toilet? The news article points out that there are 360,000 campers in the UK and most will not be able to go abroad this year. That may balance out with fewer foreign campers arriving in the UK.

    I did the NW500 twice, before it was official and even then it was busy. The first time I stayed at Sango Sands, I had to wait for an hour for a table for dinner. The next year I took food with me. Living near Loch Lomond and having worked around Balloch for a while, I am not surprised this has happened.

    We are sadly a nation of litter louts, who think nothing of messing up the environment. I have recently started volunteer litter picking in my local area and I can litter pick in the morning and by the evening, passing cars have dumped more fast food packaging and cans. Look at how ranger fans celebrated their win. They trashed George Sq twice. What a bizarre way to celebrate, by creating a huge mess costing apparently around £60k to clean up.