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    Great job Craig and very mobile friendly which is a big plus for me. Well done and thanks for all your hard work. :thumbup::thumbup:


    I went with my son mainly for a set of custom earplugs. Another poor show in my opinion.
    The classics hall was good but the outdoor entertainment consisted of a stunt club doing burnouts, wheelies and stoppies and kept us entertained for all of 5 minutes.

    Honda, BMW, Guzzi not present and the usual poor clothes stands selling mostly old, no name or unwanted stock.

    I’ve said it before but I’ll definitely not be back. I’d rather spend the money and go to the NEC and make a trip of it.


    Thanks for the info Steve,

    For some reason I thought you had the 650 not the 1000. Good to hear you like it and get on so well with it.
    I've had Scottoilers before and got on well with them so the chain doesn't really bother me, I'm just used to not having to think about it. I googled the Tuono mirrors and they look ideal, much more aerodymanic and further away from the screen edges. I don't know why Suzuki don't adopt this style.

    Next step is to sell the GS which I said I always said was a keeper but I reckon life's too short.


    Been getting itchy feet lately and always fancied a big V-Twin but can’t afford or justify a Multistrada so took a V-Strom 1000XT for a test ride yesterday. I tried an ‘06 model a few years ago and couldn’t believe the buffeting at 45+ but this new one is way better and no worse than my GS. An after market screen should make it pretty good.

    Good points:
    Lovely torquey engine with great pick up in all gears but especially 4th, 5th and 6th!
    Slick gearbox.
    Traction control.
    Good sound even with the stock exhaust.
    Very good low speed manners.
    Good seating position and nice comfy ride.
    Outstanding front brakes.
    Other than TC and ABS there is no other expensive electrickery like EAS to go wrong which appeals.
    The price compared to a new GS!

    Bad points:
    The seat was comfy but only for about 40 miles.
    Kept knocking the full beam on by accident, it’s an odd lever arrangement.
    Difficult to upshift with my size 12 Sidi Adventures but could hopefully adjust that out or change the lever.
    Mirrors are huge and ugly although very good.
    The gold spoked wheels really set it off but look a bugger to clean and keep clean.
    It’s got a chain when I love the convenience of a shaft drive.

    Other than cornering ABS and a neat feature that lifts the revs when you engage gear, the bike hasn’t changed since the MY14 so a low mileage 14 plate would be a bargain.

    Anyone got one, had one, ridden one and got any words of wisdom to encourage or dissuade me from buying one?


    I can't believe the price of these and really fancy one with the in-built Sena SRL comms but £770 for a basic white with the SRL is eye watering!
    Want a nice colour scheme? That'll be £860 please sir..... :o

    I think you are right Craig. Seems I need to look at the back of the chinstrap for a serial number and contact Schuberth.
    I bought this one at the Bike Show at least 5 years ago but now wonder how long it had sat on the shelf before then!