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    Phil Barrett: Enjoy those temps, ours will just reach half of that in the afternoon. And it will rain. If it doesn't it'll snow. Covid stopped me traveling to Scotland, but the weather won't! DD

    Thank you for digging that up!

    I'm not an old car enthusiast but I'm old and have had cars. When I was a tyke we had a '52 Chevy station wagon(Estate wagon on your side of the pond) so that old Deluxe rings a bell. Growing up in the Northwest there were few Brit cars and almost nothing but MG's and those cute little Morris Minor's. When Mom went back to work outside the home, in 1962, she wanted a small economical car.(she's petite and economy minded) My Dad saw a 1953 Hillman Manx convertible and thought that's just what she'd asked for. Driving home from Portland, Oregon with the new car and 3 of us kids jammed in, the engine suffered a spectacular failure with a piston assembly exiting via the bonnet in a ballistic trajectory traced by blue smoke and more than a hint of flame. I was thrilled! My mother was distinctly not. She towed, Dad and the Hillman, the 60 or so miles home at the speed limit.

    Thanks again for the research! dd

    Whatever you do is OK by me Craig and I am sure the faithful will agree.Andy.

    I agree with Outrunner. It IS a lot of work to change the forum so the decision is yours. Thanks for keeping this forum running! Dave

    Thanks for the kind remarks JRT. Your blog about staying in a bothy with mates was the taste of Scotland that got me started. Misfortunes come and go, my father is 89 and fell out of his RV last July and broke his neck. He just called crowing about the latest checkup that shows a perfectly knitted vertebrae. There are bright patches in the clouds.
    I was fortunate to do the Vancouver Island trip with Dennis. He was a great traveling pal and safe and sane rider with a well equipped and maintained bike. A family trip in the late 60's to the West coast of Vancouver Is gave a taste of remoteness that you can still feel in those villages that don't have a paved road leading to them. Uclulet and Tofino are ruined by the elitest, eco kayaking set that stay in the luxo condos that line the foreshore where fish plants and rough log docks held native salmon trollers and crabbers.

    If you're in a hurry to see more photos of the Olympics you can check out the photos on dd

    Couldn't agree more with not riding angry. It wasn't anger, my head was just spinning so I used riding's mandatory close attention to get focused. The ride out was just soaking in the sights and sounds of riding through wet misty forest. Focused and happy, the ride back included stops to record the early spring conditions in the lowland timber.
    We're still snowed out above a thousand feet and two weeks of snow season remain. Sometime in May we'll be able to ride the high roads here in the Olympics. With this much fuel load it's a fool's wish to have it dry out too early in the year. East of the Cascade mountains temps will start climbing into the 60's(F) soon and it can be pleasantly warm by the opening of trout season. Here on the West side the maritime weather isn't reliably warm until after the 4th of July holiday. For now a 50deg day is a fine excuse for a ride. dd

    [quote='The Mountie','']
    That's awful news. PMA, that's the way. And keeping doing all the things that put a smile on your face.

    What the Mountie says! Keep on doin' those happy things. It helps the healing immensely and you won't have to regret not doing them.

    Best wishes for you,