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    I do sympathise with campsites. Viruses live well in damp conditions like showers. We only have to do two which would only have been used by four people max (and we never quite got comfortable even with that) not a whole block that may have had 30, 40 or more people through.

    Ah, good. Although my planned trip there has been postponed in favour of a couple of nights at the Altnacealgach near Ledmore Junction in a bit over a week's time. Plan to take a run up to the north coast without rushing for once.:thumbup:

    Notice that the campsite at Poolewe seems to be open at the moment - do you have to join the Camping and Caravan club to stay there?

    Nice one, that pic sums it up really.:thumbup:

    Went out yesterday myself on the Falco, first to Nairn to look at a bike for a mate, and then down to Grantown and a quick scoot back via Carrbridge and Slochd. No traffic, much fun.:evil:

    I've been wondering about the size and weight of my 1100GS after I had to move it and the Falco out of the garage while I did some work on my car. The Falco is sooo much lighter than the GS to wheel around.

    So I thought I'd have a look and see how the GS compared to more up to date adventure bikes, and I was surprised!

    My1100GS: 243kg wet

    My Falco: 222kg wet

    Latest 1250GS: 249kg wet

    KTM 1290 Super Advernture: 240kg wet

    KTM 890 Adventure: 210kg wet (quite light, but it's physically a wee bit smaller)

    Africa Twin: 242 wet

    KTM 990 Adventure 234kg wet

    Old R100GS Airhead 210kg wet

    Seems to me that OK, you can buy yourselves a bundle more power with a newer bike, but you won't save a massive amount of weight unless you go sub thou on the engine.capacity. And in the quarter century between the first of the Oilhead BMWs and the latest Wetheads no weight has been lost at all.

    Would be nice if they say we have to ask for vaccine proof before letting anyone in. I'd love to tell an anti vaxxer to get the feck off my doorstep!

    It's a bit vague ( being polite here) but apparently we can take guests from Scotland from the 26th of April ( how do we police this?) and then 'subject to conditions' take anyone from about the third week in May.

    I can't see us bothering to reopen before the end of May, but we will see how it goes. Franky I'm more interested in when I can travel again...

    Wow, three mil? Looks great next to the 32 BILLION the Westminster govt. has 'spaffed' up the wall on a track and trace system that doesn't work. Apols for the politics...

    Pleasure, as they say down there. I forgot to add, as you may have gathered we spent time with several of the owners of lodges - this led to job offers (like running the place) at two of them. I think I would have had a nervous breakdown before the end of the first week!

    Yeah, the SNP is coming apart at the seams at the moment - great timing! It's true that just about the only thing we've had is "don't book anything for Easter" which is unhelpful.

    We'll be just fine (unlike many we see on the forums for our industry) but I do worry about the wider tourist infrastructure - everything up here is run on a shoestring, they can't even keep the public toilets open. . And while Wee Nicola bangs on about independence is that going to endear her to Richi and Boris and their magic money tree?