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    Did a bit of beach riding with Mrs Three Dawg yesterday. Amazing to be speeding along the sand for well over an hour, but less wonderful to bin it in deep soft sand leaving the beach. Normally this is a stream, but it's been dry. Fantastic where the stream was flowing though.


    Cheers, I'll try to post a couple of pics when we get to the trails (and Ninety Mile beach - never ridden on a beach) .

    I think anyone who loves riding in Scotland will love New Zealand.

    In Sydney at the mo' catching up with first born, this time next week will be on the GS to explore the back country trails of New Zealand - the bike arrived in Auckland a week or two back looking none the worse for its long journey from Inverness. First ride of 2018 will be a tour of the South Island along with some friends (1200Gs and some sort of Ducati). Reet looking forward to riding the Molesworth track and the Rainbow road, although I think I may regret not refitting the heavy spring to the rear shock.

    It's worth giving abroad a try - the differences in scenery and people can be very enriching. And of course, unlike in Scotland you can actually do some adventurous riding. ;D

    Beautiful, but..

    A fave from Malawi

    Himba patriarch

    Camping. No chance of rain...

    Putting the bike on a vintage steamer, New Zealand

    5600 feet up on the Col d'Aubisque in the Pyrenees

    Farkn... But we did get the GS across.

    Not saying it's better, but it's different, and different can be great.

    If you have a paid account with Photobucke (as I have) then your links will still be active until December 2018. After that they won't work and all your forum/blog pics will disappear unless you cough up the 400 bucks. I've started using Flickr, works well and am gradually uploading stuff. The pictures are less compressed by the looks of things too. Dunno if Yahoo/Flickr will eventually pull the same stunt so will be looking to host my own pics after my subscription ends, easy as I already have a domain name.

    Mallaig to Corpach through Glenfinnan. Come off the main road at the sign for the 'Silver Sands of Morar' and follow the old road to Arisaig.

    Ardnamurchan via the Corran Ferry.

    Lochinver via Drumbeg and on to Achiltibuie.

    The A939 from Blairgowrie through Braemar and Tomintoul to Grantown-on -Spey. (Ok not off the beaten, but a great run)

    Cromarty on the Black Isle is charming, and there is an excellent brewery there to visit.