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    The wealthy Dutch woman who bought Crowley's house about 20 years ago stayed with us on several occasions while negotiating the sale. She did't care about the nonsense surrounding Crowley, said it was bunk and he was a charlatan. Both true of course. I think she must have sold it on before it burnt down.

    Can you post up on here where and when you fix the meet, might be able to slide over to the Isle (daytime only, that road is lethal at night, even with my lights) on Saturday.

    Maybe split the difference at the Cluanie?

    They'd still do dumb things. For the second time in two years we've had an articulated truck stuck at the bottom of our narrow and steep lane (no exit). You can easily see from the top of the brae that it goes nowhere, but they still drive down, and then need to be towed out. The verges are trashed, there's burnt rubber everywhere! Morons.

    Victim of it's own success. The Venice of the North perhaps?^^

    Time an time again though it's complaints about campervans that I hear from our guests who live over on the west coast. I have no idea what you do about them - you can't measure each one at the beginning of a stretch of single track and turn around the big 'uns.

    And bikes are vulnerable - if I lived in Tomintoul I'd be quite happy not to have wankers with loud pipes blasting off down the high street of a Sunday afternoon. A village lobbies hard enough and suddenly European-style bans on bikes on certain roads at the weekend start creeping in...

    Sorry for your loss. On the upside I hear that things are quite quiet over there on Skye (relatively), so a good time to explore the isle.

    Ha, I saw quite a few worried faces peering out of oversized campervans on the Drumbeg road when we were up there recently. That is one narrow twisty piece of tarmac!

    The NC500 should not really go anywhere near Lochinver. Or Applecross.

    I don't know what the solution is, apart from everyone taking some personal responsibility and being considerate to others. I think campsite capacity is only part of the problem - I think van owners like to save money by not paying. The Highland council initiative is good, hopefully it will not impact on the revenue stream of campsite owners.

    It's not just gits in campervans - I was not impressed by some of the creaky old gadgies who were roaring off down Tomintoul high street on their bikes last Sunday, would piss me off mightily if I lived there.

    A very famous pass in South Africa has been closed recently (The Old Postal Road in the Cederberg, Western Cape) because of the actions of some idiot bike riders - the farmers who own the road are sick and tired of having people blasting through their property with no regard for livestock, dogs and children. And it's not the only one - anyone following Itchy Boots recently will have seen another road permanently closed with a new gate opened by a code (Naughty Noraly squeezed through anyway...)

    It is very easy find yourself being banned or at least unwelcome. Plenty of routes in Europe closed to bikes at the weekend. As usual it's the irresponsible few.

    Yeah, we litter pick when we go out for our daily walk. We have a sort of pick up stick so we don't have to touch anything. Masks, millions of Costa cups and Red Bull cans, Macdonalds crap. Can often fill a carrier bag on a 40 minute walk. That's just general crap thrown by van drivers and yoofs, but when you have rich campervan drivers opening their waste taps in ditches...

    And will someone PLEASE explain to me about the dog shit bag thing..?