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    Recently noticed I had some cracks in the mounting wedges for my Moskos. Contacted them in the States and they are doing me a warranty claim (an upgrade too) to fix the problem. Fantastic service considering they are at least 8 years old and have been used on four continents. Guess you get what you pay for sometimes.

    There's good money in consultancy!

    Greens will be dragging their feet on all of this because apparently decent roads will encourage car use. There is barely a decent rail line in Scotland and busses suck. Is it any wonder we drive everywhere?

    Reduced pool of workers equals higher staffing costs, cost of energy, food, fuel, logistical issues, stupid SNP/Snot Greens licencing rules etc etc all pushing up costs and you could apply those problems to many businesses across the board.

    Kinda wonder where it is all going to end, but I'd be very worried if I still had business debt...

    There is a big problem back of house (and front often) because of a lack of staff. The pub up the road from me is still short a chef so are closing the kitchen at 8.00 pm every day, and my next door neighbour, who owns one of the best places in town is having to close Sunday and Monday even now to keep his staff happy and is also short a chef. I read there are 40000 vacancies in hospitality at the moment in Scotland.

    Partly this is Brexit (yes it is) but also after lockdowns people were re evaluating their lives and deciding that working ten hours a day in a sweaty kitchen for not brilliant wages might not be the best way to spend their working lives.

    We had a group of four in the last couple of nights who tried to book the Mustard Seed (always popular) back in March. Managed to get a table on Saturday, nothing doing on Friday. That was March! Mrs 3D, who is on some hospitality forums says that some places are still operating Covid protocols, and in fact the cafe where we had lunch in Dufftown the other day was doing just that.

    We had a couple on bikes heading around the NC500 who wanted to stay near Skye next week, and the only thing we could find for them anywhere near on booking dot con was Ratagan hostel. That was literally it. I can't really figure it out, but we (in our very much edge-of-town) location dropped only one room the whole of last month, and it looks like we will be solid this month and next. Prices have got a bit silly too. We are doing rooms around the £95 mark (with a 9.7 rating on Booking) and places that have as low as sixes and sevens in town are hitting £120. Mrs Miggins on Skye will be around £150 in some cases now. But YMMV as the Americans would have it....

    I am a little worried that word will get round that the north of Scotland is becoming too difficult and expensive to travel in. We need the tourism industry (apart from feckin' camper vans) and at the moment I'd struggle to afford an fortnight here.

    Inverness is jammed. Took a cancellation for this evening just after lunch, re let the room less than 20 minutes later. No chance of getting a table at a restaurant either. Guess we're back to normal, hope it continues through till October.