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    Depends how deep you want to go on a serious trip - I wouldn't expect to be going down tricky single track if I was' Adventure Touring', that's for light bikes (or Chris Birch!) but I would expect (hope!) to tackle gravel, sand, rocks and stream crossings, some of which would cause me to fall off. A good ADV bike will shrug this off, like my GS does, and still be all day comfortable for both of us on tarmac.

    It's worth watching the highly entertaining KTM Adventure rally videos on Youtube to see what is possible on big bikes, even if you aren't the aforementioned Mr Birch.

    I would imagine they'll sell shed loads in the States, patriotic bunch that you are. Didn't look entirely convincing as an overland bike (but then neither does the plastic festooned 1250GS, so what do I know), but as a great all rounder it will probably deliver. Engine looked exceptionally neat, but it did have Jeep (as in WW2) styling, ie none.

    Some interesting bikes attended, both in and out of the show, including seven Laverdas, plenty of Guzzis including a very nice Mk1 Lemans and a worn but interesting T3, a mint Vincent Rapide and a Rover that was registered in Inverness in the late twenties (IIRC) and quite a number of Yamaha LCs including a Mars Bar one just like mine.

    Anyway, along with the usual GSs, I spotted this new kid on the block. Not what you would call pretty, and of course I despise top boxes, but looked well put together - frame much less fussy than a late GS IMHO.



    [EDIT] Looks like I missed Steve T. Lots more bikes there by 11!

    Looks like my bike (and more importantly some of my camping gear) will be off very south soon, so I can't see us being able to attend - no way to lug gear on the Falco anyway. Really not happy to cancel, but unavoidable.

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    Highland Classic MCC is running the Loch Ness Rally on Sunday 5th September at Fairways golf course, Inverness. It usually has a decent turn out - 100 or so interesting machines in the concours from veteran to modern classic. Bikes assemble to be judged from around 10am until the oldies start off at around midday with the rest following soon after for a run round the loch.

    One book I have describes the first Cairo to Cape Town trip completed by Teresa Wallach and Florence Blenkiron on a Panther outfit. Think it was a Panther. They did their trip in the thirties which must have been a hell of an undertaking, even given the reach of the Empire at that time. Even if you could get through South Sudan these days, it is still quite a trip, one which I'd love to do but can't see happening the way things are going there.

    Edit:. There's some video

    One of the most memorable travel tales I have read was Lois Pryce's account of putting her bike on a train in the DRC (IIRC) with a bunch of increasingly stoned soldiers. Probably just as well they were smoking as I think it would have been even more dicey if they had been drinking. A gripping story.

    Funny how Elspeth Beard found that no one was interested when she came home from her trip, now travelling can lead to some fame and a decent income!