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    I can't stand the bloke since our 'Pyrenean Adventure' in July

    He is full of bullshit and broken promises even though he is obviously a well travelled person

    scotsy ::)

    Sorry to hear of your off mountie. Could it have been a line of hidden (by the rain) tar overbanding that caught you out?

    i only ask because i saw a mate make an incredible 'save' on a gixxer thou near Kinlochleven on a perfectly straight (but wet) bit of road a couple of years ago, it turned out he had strayed onto a line of the shiney tar finish and the rear spun-up instantly and stepped out then flicked him up in the air....he needed fresh undies but survived the incident. On a really hot day a few months ago in yorkshire a very experienced rider (IAM senior observer) came off when he was braking before a bend and went onto some of this tar that unbeknown to him was melted to a liquid state and caused him to crash!!!

    10 of us were riding in the pyrenees in July at 36 degrees C and were therefore VERY respectfull of the many cracks that were filled in this way of the sun baked road surfaces around the N-260 which is otherwise a fabulous road

    I suppose the TC didn't have time to correct things?

    I have only had a couple of occasions on the crosstourer where the TC has kicked in but even they were a bit scary

    PS. i never turn TC off

    Good luck with the recovery

    scotsy :P

    Does your Zumo not have a compass view available in the settings somewhere?

    It might only display a reading when on the move though

    PS. i was wildcamping in a bay on Skye a few years ago with the wife in a motorhome and decided to set up the 'portable satelite dish' ....well after about 2 hours of trying to point said dish at 19 degrees east of SOUTH for ASTRA 1D reception i was giving up and picked up my compass from the rock i had sat it level on when i i noticed the needle pointer swivelling round.

    Yes... as you can guess the rock was magnetised or summat and i was pointing the dish in completely in the wrong direction Doh!!!


    Although I don't post much I do visit often and did attend Strontian in 2014 but we rented the 6 berth log-cabin. I attended the ABR rally in Tebay (forgot the name) and camped out for the 1st time in about 50 years and absolutely hated camping so hats off to all of you 'real' adventure bikers.

    I have worked full-time in Scotland for about 4 years until August 2015 and I love visiting the Highlands every year with mates for at least one full week but I unfortunately had a heart attack in August and I am still not 'fixed up' properly yet (next procedure booked for 16th of February).

    I had to cancel 3 trips that I had pre-booked last Autumn so I fully intend to squeeze them in this year as I had already booked for 10 riders in 2015 before Craig announced the Strontian 2015 rally so I was gutted to miss out on that one as well.

    I have reserved the 6 berth cabin again for 2016 as my mates are not campers and are basically coming for the scenery and road trips that we can do from this base.

    This is the first ever winter that I have mothballed my bike and had 'all year biker' round to clean and protect it before tucking it away in the garage until springtime but with a dodgy ticker and being 61 now I am finding the blood thinning drugs I am taking have the massive side effect of feeling COLD a lot worse than previously (especially my lower legs and hands etc)

    I hope to see you all there and I will hopefully not keep the lads out until about 9pm again as we missed most of Tim's BBQ last time


    ian :)