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    I guess the idea only works if on any given day people can travel to a central point in approx the same time.
    The location of forum members is well spread over the country.
    SteveT tried to organise a meet recently (Glen Lyon) but I don't think he got a response.

    ::) I have stolen the title from another forum.
    Almost certainly the wrong time of year to launch it here.
    The other forum has a basic premise for the events ---- no weans (made that up), the Lunch must be Monday to Friday, no tea (made that up as well).
    Anyway a good idea is a good idea -- can it fly on here ? Snuff folk interested ? Could we find venues to give all of the lunchers decent runs out ??

    Answers not on a postcard !!

    Steve T did you get to Ireland last September :-\ ??
    I have just been reading Andy Outrunner's ;D guide to the cliffs and saw your posts ----
    Andy, I enjoyed your story. 8)

    :( I picked up a thread on an Irish forum where the Irish poster suggested the WAW was a creative figment that used many roads that the Irish Eirish only used to escape the west coast to find an Airport to take them to work

    Without wishing to offend anybody ----- >:(
    Whilst it's convenient to refer to groups of roads by Tourist Board acronyms I really do dislike their use.
    The roads were all there before and I doubt if anybody on here did not know that before the marketing boys got involved.
    I have it from a few folk who live along the Ullapool/Tongue/Lairg/Thurso area that crowds of cyclists and chains of car groups are becoming a problem. Too many of them in a bunch to get into passing places and let folk wanting to make progress and get to work.
    The service industry folk on the other hand are of course delighted.

    I just put up a wee post in trips and am still hoping to catch another day or two out before parking the bike up for the winter and sticking to hill walking for a month or two.

    I have been trying to think up wee things to do to the Tiger over the Winter but not come up with much as I have already done all I could think of.
    Glad to hear that The Mountie has got the 2017 Quest sorted. I might try to do it more slowly next year and avoid "work around solutions" I did finally find a real hairy caterpillar, on the pier at Ballantrae's wee harbour, a couple of weeks ago !
    A bunch of us are thinking of South West Ireland and I am trying to convince them that the weather will be better in Ireland The Second Last Weekend in May , rather than the last ! None of them want to camp which is a bummer tho !
    LWR and The Mountie ---- keep taking the pills !

    I filled up with petrol at the Lochgilphead Tesco today.
    So what you say !
    I sat on the bike and filled up; my mate pulled up as I finished fueling, sat on the bike, started to fuel and the pump got cut off.
    Explanation ---- you must dismount to fuel ,HandS etc.

    I guess I was out of their eyeline so fuelled problem free ---but it was def a first for that Petrol station. ???
    I guess we will just use the petrol station at the other end of the town from now on.

    Jings !
    I arrived at Strontian on the Thursday afternoon and Wilbur invited me to set up the tent near his.
    We spoke frequently over the w'end and I got to find him a friendly ,open, sincere man.

    Stu flagged up that he is aware his recovery is limited .
    Don't get caught thinking you have recovery when the policy says " nearest garage or place of safety up to 15 miles".
    I have a mate who only read that small print after buying the policy
    . If you trundle around the West Highlands a recovery policy like that is next to useless.

    Mountie, fully comp ?
    That seems remarkably cheap for Carole Nash ---- I have been with them and they always seemed similar to Bennets.
    Any special discounts involved ?

    Bennets who selected Zenith Insurance PLC.
    Includes ------ Protected no Claims, legal expenses, breakdown cover ("complimentary" EU) , Brokers arrangement fee.
    £600 compulsory excess.
    2015 Triumph Tiger, with the value recorded as £9200.
    No claims made.
    Be interesting to see what this topic yields.

    If trying to get Mr Honda to go, ---- mmmmm (in Japanese) maybe there is a problem here---------, is an aspiration read the stuff still bring posted about Kevin Ash's accident on the 1200GS in 2013. :(.