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    A watering can from Screwfix was my first Father's Day pressie suggestion but they are out of stock , so -

    Craig has just provided an excellent alternative and a runner has been despatched, with a cleft stick, to the selected offspring.

    (I might write drivel in it instead of on here:|.

    this week I has been listening to Deep Purple --- prompted by a TV programme featuring their 2017 Album ,----- Infinite.

    So an eBay purchase of said cd and I am back in 70s land !

    Lyrics enunciated and understandable,classic riffs and superb production.

    OK I'm four years behind the release but quality survives. Highly recommended.

    I firmly believe there should be a length limit on the campervans allowed on single track roads with heavy fines for breaking that limit.

    The front van of the two I got stuck behind on Tuesday had to stop at nearly every corner to inch round.

    If the van behind him was a pal he was an idiot for being there.

    If he was not "with" the front van he was an idiot for not pulling in someplace to make a cup of tea and dissociating himself from the problem.

    Part of the problem is the number of vans. I am not sure increasing overnight stop capacity helps non campervan travellers.

    Increase public toilet capacity for sure but make them campervan proof.

    for a little bit of defense my lud.

    I spent last night at Sango Sands. The pub was being well managed re anti social distancing. The loos/showers looked (yeah I know looked) clean and regularly checked.

    It was rammed by 8pm last night.

    There was some appallingly bad camper van driving when I joined the road at Tongue. There should be a vehicle length limit.

    Ref rubbish , as I said in defence, every place a camper van could be parked up, between Durness and Ullapool, was being used .

    OK it was a cursory glance in passing but I never noticed any bad practice going on.

    I hope some of yesterday's drivers have nightmares about it for years though and never go back.

    I hardly saw a vehicle on the Lairg, Alnaharra, Tongue road (apart from the wind farm site).

    phunnily eNuff, a trio set off yesterday with a plan of Lanark, Abington, Moffat, Selkirk, Melrose.

    We got to Abington and the Mannie who had started pointing said " it's that way".

    It was not of course.

    Everybody knows you have to get the M74 on your right and bear away to the left to head to Moffat.

    Except our arm waver.

    Anyway following the time honoured routine of following the pointed direction, a whilely later, Wanlockhead appeared.

    Never been that road before !

    Anyway A76 is duly met and Thornhill, Moniave, Carsphairn, Dalmelington New Cumnock and back across to Douglas before turning north, became the route of the day.

    Pic to follow !

    Great day out it was, even if 180degrees out !

    I sent Gruinard bay, Laide, a wee email and much to my surprise got this back this evening.

    It is effectively the standard bring your own shitter and shower and you're in.

    "Thanks for showing an interest in our Park.
    Just to let you know we are taking bookings for Touring Pitches only with own facilities on board, as our shared facilities are not open.
    Please note water and waste disposal facilities are for the Park guests only."

    Throttled, am I correct in remembering that you just turned up at the site and the nice man gave you a pitch for a few£ ???

    (Not that that matters if it is shut!).

    I just had a look on the Poolewe C&C site.

    There is absolutely no mention of Covid.

    I entered a tent booking for a couple of nights at end of this month. I didn't go to "pay" but it looked like it could go be booked.


    No mention of Covid suggests to me a completely out of date website. was pennies under £40 for a 3metre X 2metre tent !!

    I seem to recollect that Andy camped in that site.

    But that's wrong --

    Checking the recommended camp site list it was THROTTLED !

    Three Dawg - is the toilet block open ? That's the key question I think.

    our local birdie man reckons that the willow warblers are in decline but chiffchaffs are on the up.

    He reckons it's a direct connection.

    I was in Embra this morning to get the front brake switch on my Tracer GT replaced - Yamaha recall.

    I spoke to a Mannie who had an Enfield Intercepter and was getting a Calliper replaced - Enfield recall. The recall was issued Nov 2019; parts had just arrived for fitting.

    He also added that he was an hour late for the "appointment" due to the wind. Its effect on the bike - not flatulence! (I missed where he said he came from but it was central Scotland ish.,)

    Just Saying!😕😂