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    ;D. Earlier this year World of Wings at Luggiebank, near Cumbernauld, did me the favour of a photograph of one of their owls on my bike --- for the Quest.
    I was back there this week as a paying punter(with grand weans) it was superb.
    There is a Groupon offer if four people for £12,. It gets you a show at 12noon; take a picnic lunch and eat at the tables provided, pay a few Quid and paintball target shoot, go and view the birds in the aviaries and then watch the ,3pm show.
    BRILLIANT day out.
    Owls, Hawks, Vultures, all sorts.
    Go ----- great wee cafe for a coffee even if you don't take in the shows.
    P.S. pics to follow.

    :) I have just booked a (the) pod at North Rhinns campsite, near Stranraer, for next Tues night.
    £35 per night, sleeps two.
    I will post up a rvw after our visit.

    Being a soft off roader , I like nice flat surfaces to park my bike. :-\
    My hot tip for the week is ----- if you want fuel at The Pump in Durness ---- point the front wheel directly at the pump ---- From the East the bike would be over vertical , on the stand, from the West (well south) I thought I was stepping down into a pit !!
    :o maybe it's just me.
    On that topic, Ullapool petrol stn has more contours than the OS could map ! A friend of mine put the side stand down and promptly fell onto a camper van !!
    Just saying !

    The road around Corgarff is currently polluted with "surface dressing".
    Wild camping --- not so wild, I saw a 26 bedroom tent set up at Well of Lecht today ---- well maybe it wisnae as big as that but it was fn huge !!! Seemed to spoil the image I had in my wee memory bank !?!

    I still looking).the A96 is best avoided even for the ten miles to Nairn. By Cawdor sounds like a plan (they have a travellers wagon at Cawdor Castle car park for any questers still looking).

    ;D re Mountie's suggestion to keep off the A9 on your way back south; I usually head to Nairn from Inverness and then on to Grantown on S.
    Misses out another chunk of the A9.

    ;D Having not been out on the bike this week I have been tempted into retail therapy.
    Bought a Vango tarp for £20 off eBay and am hoping to get a Sheepskin later tonight (off eBay) to make a seat cover.
    It's all the fault of Strontian.

    I think, "don't explore enough" might be the clue.
    Must admit, I get a plan and push on -- woops that was a 300 mile day and not a 200 as intended.
    Biggest problem I find is, STOOPING! when it ain't for fuel.