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    Throttled, having sorted a compact bru kit doesn't resolve my cooking pan set up.
    I have a little kettle that I absolutely prefer for tea making when I am cooking food in pots.
    Having done it for a long time I now hate cooking with one pot. Having two means I get the rice/pasta ready at the same time as the meat.
    It does of course mean I always camp with two stoves.

    I am not daft enough to take a third to make sure the tea is ready at the same time !

    ::) Craig, I checked out molle pouches/condor today and it gave me a much clearer idea of the diameter of your pot.
    I am still not a fan of tall cooking things but getting it in the pouch is neat ---together with the makings.

    :o I know you can get some really compact screw on the canister stoves ----- but it's that vertical element I dont like.
    I can't argue with the Stainless material though.
    Is that a molle pouch ??

    PICS of the Primus Litech and 100gm canister solution :-

    The 250gm canister fits neatly --used the pan bag to hold it up for the pic.

    The 100gm canister lets me fit the cup (with stove inside it) in the pot.

    Pot lid on, sorted !

    ??? The ideal bru kit has to be an integral part of the full camp kit.
    That has always been my mantra but also the problem.
    I have long since grown out of boiling water to make tea in the pot that just had curried rice in it !
    I have finally concluded that my ideal bru kit of nice nesting things might not in fact have to be an integral part of my camp kit --- although bits of it might be.

    I remain unconvinced about the benefits of posh turbo bits on the pot base and have resisted the urge to rush out and buy one.

    So having chewed that wasp, I played draughts with my stoves and pots (AGAIN ! ) to make up a specific kit targeted only at a bru.
    My favourite pot is a Primus Litech which a 250 gm gas canister fits perfectly ----and that lovely neat fit has been the block to my imagination- --- fitting even a stove in the remaining space is difficult.

    I had a light bulb moment yesterday --- when I finally dragged an obvious option into view.
    Use a 100gm canister and create the needed space.

    A cheap but effective stove (remote canister style) I have had for years splits into enough bits to go in my cup (no chance of my MSR going in) the cup nests on top of the 100gm canister, in the pot, and the pot lid goes on.

    Also plenty pot space for tea bags/coffee&sugar packets.

    Job done ! Pics to follow.

    Sofnolime, ??? I normally prefer to have stoves with the burner remote from the canister but that does look a neat set up.
    Can two 115mg gas canisters fit in the pot (with the burner in) -- ??
    Have you discarded the neoprene sleeve??

    I have been playing about this week with stoves ,pots, gas cylinders, frying pots, cups, plates trying to find the perfect nesting combination .
    Anybody think they have cracked it ???

    I guess the idea only works if on any given day people can travel to a central point in approx the same time.
    The location of forum members is well spread over the country.
    SteveT tried to organise a meet recently (Glen Lyon) but I don't think he got a response.

    ::) I have stolen the title from another forum.
    Almost certainly the wrong time of year to launch it here.
    The other forum has a basic premise for the events ---- no weans (made that up), the Lunch must be Monday to Friday, no tea (made that up as well).
    Anyway a good idea is a good idea -- can it fly on here ? Snuff folk interested ? Could we find venues to give all of the lunchers decent runs out ??

    Answers not on a postcard !!

    Steve T did you get to Ireland last September :-\ ??
    I have just been reading Andy Outrunner's ;D guide to the cliffs and saw your posts ----
    Andy, I enjoyed your story. 8)

    :( I picked up a thread on an Irish forum where the Irish poster suggested the WAW was a creative figment that used many roads that the Irish Eirish only used to escape the west coast to find an Airport to take them to work