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    :o I picked up a thread on another forum flagging up misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the Travel Insurance provided by a few popular Insurers --- when a motorcycle has been used as the means of Travelling. The decision to rely on current European reciprocal medical cover is a completely different thread, which some may choose to rely on, for that aspect.

    Specific insurance company examples were quoted and as I am about to take out an Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Policy, that I would like to cover me whilst taking motorcycle holidays as well as normal domestic aeroplane transport holidays, I started research via online quotes.

    The AA travel insurance policies show cover for "Incidental Motorcycle Use". I emailed them and asked for clarification ----Incidental means just that --If you ride a motorcycle for an hour or two during an "Aeroplane holiday" you would be covered. If a motorcycle is the means of making the trip is a motorcycle --YOU ARE NOT COVERED. There was no option to include motorcycle travel like skiing or parascending ETC.
    Other companies quote 125cc or 250cc maximum engine size ---- I did not explore the possibility of such a motorcycle being the sole means of transport.

    The message is loud and clear --Do Not Assume that because the policy does not mention motorcycle travel is NOT being covered, that you are.

    A few Insurers were flagged up positively on the "other forum" one of these is TAF Holiday safe.
    I have no affiliation to, experience of using, or authority to promote this organisation. I did however build up an on-line quote and reviewed their option packs -- I could not find motorcycling specifically mentioned so again emailed them.
    They quickly responded that Motorcycle Travel is covered as standard in their policies and was pointed to the clauses under which cover was not provided --basically you need UK Licence and must wear a helmet and kit regardless of what local rules might say.

    Another issue was flagged up , namely countries covered --do not assume what Europe might mean --check the specific countries included. Spain currently is an extra !! :-\

    Buyer beware !! :( >:(.

    ;) Andy the key thing is the treatment is getting started quickly, just keep thinking about bikes !

    ??? Anybody got any recommendations for a hotel around Athlone, Ireland ?
    Usual script, one night stop, good bike parking, not too expensive; it's for six bodies so it has to be a reasonable size hotel, BnB's won't fill the bill.

    ;) hopefully the flow of bikes through Ullapool will make it successful. No doubt I will have a lookielookie next time I am up. The guys from the north west might have an alternative to heading down to , Inverness ? On the aesthetic side it obviously makes heading that way less of an adventure ---- but if you are the one needing a mechanic !!
    Thanks for flagging it up.

    ::) I squandered an hour making a 250ml minimalist camping cup.
    First , find a two handled cup that a child/grandchild used possibly several years ago (maybe it's decades that it has sat on a shelf in the loft amongst my "stuff").
    Discard the drinking spout top ---- unless you are of an age when it might be useful soon.
    Second, saw off the handles and smooth to personal taste.
    Third, cut a piece of old ultrathin Karrimat 25mm wide , wrap round the cup, cut to length and glue on.

    Result ultra compact cup , with anti scald feature, for that elusive perfect brew kit.

    ;D. Throttled, re your earlier post I did a double take when you wrote " in an old helmet" then I read the word bag !
    I just read your post in the Camping section re the Trekmates system ---- sounds like you are not impressed with its use for anything except creating warm water !