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    It was a wee bit dreich yesterday but today is wet !

    Some pics from the Forth yesterday.

    A Working day for some --

    Forth Port Survey boat.


    Suction Dredger Marlin


    Ineos advertising hoarding


    A perhaps normal looking power station but pic two shows the "dismantling" clearly.



    The chookie burds keep doing their thing regardless ---

    Shoveller ducks shovelling!


    A Whaup with a fine big wormy thing


    I ran out of battery charge as soon as i took that snap --the moral , always carry the spare !

    Three Dawg, Danny Baker has written enuff Biogs for a tribe if comedians.!

    JimRidesthis, Brookmyre rings a bell, Hiassan is s blank.

    Will have a look at both.

    I don't recollect an Amazon writing anything ? 🤔🤡


    That's the only logical thought I had -- but there were no obvious threads --- how many spiders would it have taken !

    The dung pile was something like 20 metres long, easily.

    It looked more like cobweb -- although I don't know how they get created !

    It made me think of Clan What's its Fairy flag !

    and from this afternoon's wandering

    just a load of sh one t ----but ,

    at first I thought it was the hot air hovering above the dung, then thought it's some kind of fabric and then it dawned on me --- the faeries had been weaving a shroud or maybe getting ready for Halloween !

    I have never seen anything like it before. The "breeze" moving under the stuff and moving it about was really spooky.

    Anybody enlighten me ?

    Geese dropping into Torry Bay; there is not an island just a raft of geese.

    The most uplifting thing in the garden at the moment -Hesperantha

    and the other end of the cycle, the faeries starting to build a ring

    no not a French boulevard only Lime Tree Walk in Alloa

    not much left of Alloa harbour, looking across Inch Island towards South Alloa and the Campsie Fells behind

    looking towards Stirling and the Castle

    a hazy Castle

    Paul, mine has a 9 in it as well ---- 9134.

    Just keep churning out information that nobody wants 😟like I do and you will get there in no time😁 !

    Paul I --- I guess you will have jumped to 83 now.

    Perhaps LWR could create graphs showing the point growth of individual forum members, .🤔🤡


    Even better a sticker when you pass each Thousand mark. 😟😤💯

    Steve, my vision was the telegraph boy 🚴whizzing about Ayrshire, with messages, until the final version of the post was agreed🥁🥁.

    Then the "Irregular" with the electric computer typing it in.

    Come on boys, give us the correct image.😁.