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    I sent Gruinard bay, Laide, a wee email and much to my surprise got this back this evening.

    It is effectively the standard bring your own shitter and shower and you're in.

    "Thanks for showing an interest in our Park.
    Just to let you know we are taking bookings for Touring Pitches only with own facilities on board, as our shared facilities are not open.
    Please note water and waste disposal facilities are for the Park guests only."

    Throttled, am I correct in remembering that you just turned up at the site and the nice man gave you a pitch for a few£ ???

    (Not that that matters if it is shut!).

    I just had a look on the Poolewe C&C site.

    There is absolutely no mention of Covid.

    I entered a tent booking for a couple of nights at end of this month. I didn't go to "pay" but it looked like it could go be booked.


    No mention of Covid suggests to me a completely out of date website. was pennies under £40 for a 3metre X 2metre tent !!

    I seem to recollect that Andy camped in that site.

    But that's wrong --

    Checking the recommended camp site list it was THROTTLED !

    Three Dawg - is the toilet block open ? That's the key question I think.

    I was in Embra this morning to get the front brake switch on my Tracer GT replaced - Yamaha recall.

    I spoke to a Mannie who had an Enfield Intercepter and was getting a Calliper replaced - Enfield recall. The recall was issued Nov 2019; parts had just arrived for fitting.

    He also added that he was an hour late for the "appointment" due to the wind. Its effect on the bike - not flatulence! (I missed where he said he came from but it was central Scotland ish.,)

    Just Saying!😕😂


    did you take the critter home in a matchbox??


    Thanks for the comment about the Unusually Sandy Deeside road.

    I will wait until you have swept it before I bother the Braemar Cairn O mount circle !!

    lockdown 2021 ended today, for me and Dougie K, at least.

    A wee run along Loch Rannoch and an al fresco sausage or two. Dougie on the Tea stove ; me on the sausages.

    note the wee stove platform.

    pure dead magic, a run on the bike !!!

    I put these on Gumtree, might be of interest to someone on here, won't post the pics on here.

    Manitou Mountain bike Suspension forks.

    Purchased around 1990 at a cost of £350ish and used for some years.

    Compression and Rebound rubbers all deteriorated and were removed. Coil springs fitted.

    Manitou owners manual included.

    Suit bicycle rebuild enthusiast. £50.

    Cycle Rack and Panniers.

    A Blackburn rack with a Pair of Karrimor panniers.

    The panniers are in excellent condition with no broken stitches or scuffs.

    The main compartment of each pannier is 15litres.

    There are mesh pockets on the pannier tops and a zipped side pocket on each pannier.

    The panniers fix to the rack by two features.

    A quick mount plate on the pannier rear with a mounting disc on the rack


    A pair of spring "hooks" , on the pannier top edge, to the rack rail.

    A safety strap links the two panniers together across the rack.

    The pannier has a draw string closing inner, under the top flap and comes with waterproof outer covers.

    Purchased around 1990 when Karrimor made quality outdoor gear.

    £50. for the Blackburn rack & pair of Karrimor Panniers.

    Shimano PD747 clipless pedals. These bombproof pedals were purchased around 1990, were well used, but not for several years. In good working condition.

    No cleats are included. £35.

    I have put this post on this thread as despite it being a definitive statement by the owner it is at odds with any other place I have looked at.

    ---Sango Sands Campsite will open with Showers and Toilets on 26th April. The Oasis cafe/,bar will be closed until mid May.