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    It's not really a big problem Craig. The forum's great as it is and I appreciate the time and energy that you must've put in to set the thing up in the first place.

    Well, from 6 miles south of the border ADVScotland is looking good to me :)

    I've only dipped a digital toe into ABR once and didn't like the interface or the banter. I don't like the print magazine either for the same reason, plus the normal 'you must wear this, watch this, rides this, buy this' nonsense. The same old, same old. I'm not that taken with BigTrailie (aka Mk2). As I'm not on that often it does seem a cliquey even though I know many of the folk. They also had a bit of an issue between personalities there I understand. I still visit occasionally (though less and less) but spend most of my time here (because my riding is firmly focussed in Scotland) or on ADVrider (for the wider international perspective).

    My only gripe (and that's way too strong a word) is that I view the forum most often on my iPad and the forum software or set-up has the strange vice of cropping the width of pictures rather than resizing them to fit which other forums do. You can always scroll across to get the other bit of the picture but it'd be nice to see the whole thing in one sitting. Not sure if anyone else has this 'problem' and as I said, it's a very minor issue. You're doing a great job.

    Cheers for that Steve, very interesting assessment. I've ridden a 950 for a fair few miles and loved the engine. On road, the front end felt vague compared to the 1100GS and the whole thing a bit 'floaty'. I believe a 19" front is a fairly common mod for the 9xx Adventures. Off road it was brilliant though, very confidence inspiring and easy to ride fast. Mind, the GS wasn't too shabby off road either, more stable than my AT. I might look closely at an SM-T next year, I'm not willing to shell out the necessary on one of the newer Adventures. It's just that Yorkshire thing ;)


    Could happen to anyone fella, now also looking at new triumph sport 1050 :o
    So much choice , so little money :P

    Making up for lost time on scooters eh Baz! Go on, get a Katie, they are brilliant machines ;) I rode a Triumph 1200 Explorer recently, a truly fantastic machine but a little uninvolving. I just like how twins make their power. If I could justify the purchase I'd be looking for a 950 Adventure or an SM-T but I guess the TDM will just have to do for the time being and I can't complain at that.

    No plans for next year but my better half has suggested a few days in Ireland. We'll see how strong sterling is when the time comes. Speaking of which, I'm in Belfast at the moment (in the car sadly) and had a natter with a guy from Wexford at Cairnryan. He'd flown over to Glasgow to buy a very clean '07 Varadero and was riding back today. Apparently the exchange rate was a big factor in his purchase. It's an ill wind etc. :)

    He travels too quick for me Craig. Had a long chat with him at the Manchester M/C show a few years ago - well, he had a long chat with me trying to sell me a place on one of his 'tours'. Not for me but he wouldn't have it; can't blame the him for trying though! I did buy one of his books (sounds the same thing as the DVD), but I wish I hadn't. I've got every respect for the guy but he came across as a bit of a dick in his book - brutally honest writing though. Unusual in an autobiography.

    Quote from Steve T

    V-Nice bike - Really enjoyable ride on Katie - only about 50 miles - but I've got to say that it is a better ride than the 990 Adv that eldest son had.

    Steve T


    Better than the 990 Steve? Please elaborate. I still have unfinished business with the KTM Adventure (well the 950 anyway), or possibly an SM-T ;D

    I clearly bored 😂😂

    Thinking about my recent off, and the more I think about it, the more I think I didn't do much wrong. Something I don't understand is the science/dynamics of what exactly happened.

    You clearly need something to occupy your mind at this time. Google search 'Risk Compensation'. There have been lots of practical studies of this theory which might provide some interesting reading. RC has nothing and everything to do with Traction Control, as well as all other rider aids and ATGATT.

    I'm not saying RC provides the answer to your off, but it does make for interesting and (for me) reassuring reading. When all's said and done, I guess we indulge in a pastime that carries an inherent risk, sometimes Poo happens!

    Mountie, fully comp ?
    That seems remarkably cheap for Carole Nash ---- I have been with them and they always seemed similar to Bennets.
    Any special discounts involved ?


    I changed from Carole Nash earlier this year due to the expensive quote which they would not budge on. Over £50 more than last year with only one bike on it. Adding the two other bikes only bumped the cost by a fiver. So, no deal Carole Nash, I'm now with...

    Motorcycle Direct (broker) Zenith (insurer; the same as through CN last year!)
    Fully comp
    20+ years NCD
    Claims? No idea, haven't had to make a claim so far.

    The Carole Nash people were very quick to point out all the benefits of their policy - euro cover, breakdown cover, etc. etc. I was quick to point out that they're only benefits if you need 'em and use 'em.

    Good question Steve. I've not ridden it enough yet to make an objective comparison, but so far I'd say there's not much in it. If anything, my 850 is smoother with a better suspension set up, but I've not touched the 900 yet. It's marginal though.

    This is my third TDM but my first 900. I think MCN got it bang on when they described them as a 'Multistrada 12 years before Ducati thought of it'. I love 'em, they suit me.