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    Welcome Glenn, fellow Yorkshireman here, though I now live ‘abroad’ in Cumbria. I’m in total agreement, you can’t beat Scotland when the conditions are right.

    Okay, probably not of a lot of interest for the folk here, but for anyone not familiar with all the corners of Scotland it does seem to be a very comprehensive, well written, informative book.

    JG contacted me through the ADVrider forum asking to use some of my photos which is how I come to have one of the first copies, but it’s now available direct from or eBay and will soon be on Amazon too.

    I like ugly bikes myself, but there’s a limit and the HD is past it for me. I’d love a Ulysses though, I keep looking at ‘em and they’re not too expensive ;D ;D

    Thanks rh. I was looking at Lindstrands and Halvarssons kit yesterday at Lloyd’s Honda. Very nice indeed. I’ll go back for another fitting, look for deals and see if they’ll price match.

    The thing I’m most upset about was my gloves! I couldn’t bring myself to bin them, I had to get my other/better half to do it... “It’s time to move on†she said!

    I had to work in Bradford today, rain was forecast so it was on with the wet weather gear. Last time it was tested in a downpour everything held up nicely and I stayed dry. But not today >:(

    HG Infinity Gore-Tex boots failed. HG X-Trafit Gore-Tex gloves (my absolute favourite pair of gloves) failed. HG Sympatex jacket failed. Result - a 110 mile ride home, wet through!

    I can’t really complain I guess, boots, gloves and jacket are all 15 years old and have seen lots of use. It’s just strange that everything failed at the same time.

    The plus side is that I get to look for some new biking gear ;)

    I’ve already got a new set of boots - RST Adventure 2’s but I find them a bit ‘clumpy’ on the TDM.

    Any recommendations for a textile jacket?

    Yes, don’t bother with the Beard book. I was glad to finish it.

    Have you seen the Fulton DVD? As amazing as the book. I think it’s my favourite along with Jupiter’s, the first M/C travel book I read - 1980/81?

    In no particular order...

    One Man Caravan - Robert Fulton
    Longest Ride - Emilio Scotto
    Jupiter’s Travels - Ted Simon
    Riding High - Ted Simon
    Around the World on a Motorcycle: 1928 to 1936 - Zoltan Sulkowsky
    The Rugged Road - Theresa Wallach
    These Are the Days that Must Happen to You - Dan Walsh (a bit self indulgent, but entertaining)
    Lone Rider: The First British Woman to Motorcycle Around the World - Elspeth Beard (lacks pace and direction, after a decent start)
    The Gasoline Tramp - Carl Stearns Clancy

    Here you go...…olycryo_Ground_Sheet.html

    ...except they’re currently out of stock. It’s a starting point though, give ‘em a call!

    Ooo, what lid are you going for? I like my 3/4 HJC IS-33 but I bought a Spada Intrepid at Christmas which is so much quieter and comfy.

    Good call Steve.

    I only visit three forums on a regular basis - here, and the TDM forum. ADVScotland is a significant third of my motorcycling forum time and activity (I know I’m not that prolific ;) ).

    Nice work up there!

    Thank you.

    From JRT, just South of the border 8)