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    Welcome Pat!

    A significant number of the active forum members are camping up at Strontian this weekend so I'm sure they'll be along at some point to interrogate you say hello at some point soon.

    I was up your way (Garelochhead) at the tail end of last year and had a cracking time. There's a ride report on here somewhere.

    Nice GS in your avatar. I've always liked the 1150 in yellow. I had an 1100 myself until a couple of years ago. I still have the Touratech racks and panniers in the garage 8)

    Hopefully we'll meet up on the road at some point in the future ;)

    Hello Andy, don't forget to post a RR here and over ADVrider ;)


    The GF dumped me on Sunday, my great boss quit on Monday and the root canal to save a tooth failed on Tuesday. So I took a ride over to Blyn for coffee. ??? Photos at this link:…uth-sound.213831/page-170

    Sorry to hear about your woes, but thanks for posting the link Dave, it looks like you live in a spectacular part of the world. After having a look at where you are on Google maps, I'm looking forward to seeing some photos of the Olympics in the summer! ;)

    I just read your '09 Vancouver Island report. I'm jealous! ;D

    Welcome Hamish and hi Jim,

    Are you both on Carpe? A great forum and an even better bunch of fellas. My first bike was an 850 MKII and I miss her. If I had the space I would buy an old 9'er as a winter hack, great bikes.


    Hello Bob,

    Yep, I'm on Carpe occasionally, I just sold my Mk1 850 to dablik on that forum. That was my second Mk1, I had the first one about 15 years ago.

    Because I had the engine out to repair an oil leak, I left my XL600R off my insurance last year. The engine's all sorted, but typically I now have need of the XL as I'm marshaling at the Northern Classic Trial in February. It's a rare opportunity to tool about the forests of the Lake District ;)

    The upshot is that over the last couple of days I've been trying to get insurance for the XL. The company my TDM is insured with - Motorcycle Direct - wanted another £90 to put it on with the TDM (for the six remaining months) and even then would only insure it 3rd Party! Not sure why.

    I eventually got a new policy. Fully comp with 0 yrs no claims ('cos they're tied up with the TDM policy) with Adrian Flux for £85 including legal expenses upgrade (usually another £30 with other companies).

    I guess it helps that I'm an old fart and the bike is 32 years old, but I was pleasantly surprised by the price and their service.

    Good luck with Carole Nash. They did the same with me this year and surprisingly would only budge a fiver when I phoned them up. I'd been with them for a few years but have had to phone them every year to get a decent price. I went with Motorcycle Direct at 2/3rds the price (actually the same insurer, Zenith). It seems that all the brokers rely on the convenience of renewal over searching for quotes, etc. Loyalty seems to mean nothing but 'Meal Ticket'.

    :o Jim you're losing it mate, fair enough no fuel in tank , but no tank on bike ;D ;D ;D

    I think you're right Baz, I'm losing it totally ;D. Yesterday must've been a red letter day in that respect because not content with the XL fiasco, I also put a holding deposit down on a Buell Ulysses. In my defence, I've got to say the shop offered me a very decent trade in on the TDM. I just phoned to retrieve my deposit and cancel the deal. I realised that as much as I'd like a Ully, the TDM is still a better bike for me. Perhaps there's hope for me yet.

    Don't worry Jim, it's an age thing. ;) At least you did not call someone to help you. :)


    Yeah!... though I probably wouldn't have 'fessed up' if that'd been the case :o

    Right. Now I'm going out for a ride. I just need to check I've put trousers on today ;D

    Sometimes I amaze myself with my sheer stupidity. :D

    For the past 6 months I've had the engine out of my XL600R, 'Tamworth', to cure a couple of oil leaks left over from the original build. Today was the day to fire the beast up again, the final jobs were to put the exhaust back on and fill it with oil. That done I kicked it over a few times, ignition off, to distribute the oil and make sure there were no odd noises. Everything checked out okay. Ignition on, bring it over TDC and kick. Nothing, not even a cough. It only took me five minutes of further kicking to remember that putting the fuel tank back on might be a good idea! It started first kick after that and sounded as sweet as a nut :D :D :D

    Does it nip anyone else's heid when folk call the Bealach Na Ba the "Applecross Pass" or have I just got terrible OCD?

    I don't mind what people call it, just as long as they're not there when I'm riding the pass, sorry,
    "a 'bhealaich" :)

    After crossing the Bealach Na Ba miss out the Applecross Inn, head for the Bealach Na Gaoithe and check out the Gille Brighde for a change of lunch stop, a great bit of road that is missed out by a lot of people doing the Applecross loop.

    Gille Brighde at Diabaig? Or is there another one?

    I can't stand the bloke since our 'Pyrenean Adventure' in July

    He is full of bullshit and broken promises even though he is obviously a well travelled person

    scotsy ::)

    That is how he comes across in the book of his I bought.

    Lol hi Jim, heedsbursting at the minute, what to go for, like you love a twin, but the lure of a triple .... :o ;D

    Ah cylinder lust Baz. You'll end up with one of those 6 pot BMW's if you're not careful!