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    Yep, I’m with Andy on this one. It’s your call Craig. Personally, while I do use my phone for photos occassionally, I hardly ever use it to post to forums. iPad yes, phone, no.

    It’s good to hear you’re back home and on the road to recovery Craig.

    I had a weekend finishing fettling on the Buell (tyres, brake pads, fork oil seals, tidying up / modding wiring, etc.), followed by a test ride out to Holywood, just north of Dumfries to visit my cousin. He lives right next door to Holywood Garage, a Royal Enfield dealer, so I popped in there to have a closer look at the Himalayan. Well, it’d be rude not to! :) I’m going to go back and take one out for a test ride. ;)

    The Buell behaved perfectly :) :) and the wiring mods seem to have smoothed the beast out a bit. I can see it as a long distance tourer now.

    Very quick post yo say Iam not commenting on the forum
    Mthis is because i have been admitted into hospital yesterday and the burst appendix has been removed. Morphine is good

    Rubber side down

    Hope you’re up and about soon and not just ‘high’ Craig.

    Old skool eh? They have holes in 'em to stop nippers suffocating these days ;D Also you'd look like a poverty stricken muppet. I'm not a big fan of Goretex suits, but in boots it works very well.

    I don’t think you’re supposed to leave the shopping bags on your feet Three Dawg! They just make it easier to get a one piece suit on over your boots. Whip ‘em off when you’re leg’s through, so to speak.

    However, now the idea has been mooted (and it’s a good one), let’s flesh it out a bit.

    What brand of carrier bags would you be prepared to wear over your boots? Aldi on the left and Netto on the right? A matching pair? Something upmarket... Harrods, Fortnum & Masons?

    Would the Asda ‘bag for life’ promise still apply?

    It’s raining hard. I’m at work. I have an unavoidable ‘social engagement’ tonight and tomorrow.

    I want to go out and ride my bike! >:(

    I think a Ulysses and a Transalp is a great combination!

    I’ll make sure I bring it to work when you’re passing Steve :)

    Because, as we all know, SteveT is a serial bike buyer.

    I’m in the process of buying another bike to add to my stable and should pick it up early next week, if not before. It’s a V twin and should make a good lightweight tourer, but that’s all I’m saying at the moment ;D

    Two questions for you gents...

    1. What’ll he buy next?
    2. How long? (to the nearest hour)

    My guesses...

    1. Honda CRF250L
    2. It’s Sunday night now, so, 4 days 10 hours.

    ICON Raiden DKR - Reduced from £359 to £150! :o

    I bagged the last one in Large (in black), it seems like there are only a few Tan ones left in XL and 2XL.…parts/content_prod/269302

    I haven’t ridden in it yet but it seems very sturdy and well thought out. D3O armour including the back protector (all only Level 1 though), loads of waterproof pockets and a water repellant Teflon coating so the outer fabric shouldn’t soak up any water.

    My old HG jacket is now in the bin. ;)

    Welcome Glenn, fellow Yorkshireman here, though I now live ‘abroad’ in Cumbria. I’m in total agreement, you can’t beat Scotland when the conditions are right.

    Okay, probably not of a lot of interest for the folk here, but for anyone not familiar with all the corners of Scotland it does seem to be a very comprehensive, well written, informative book.

    JG contacted me through the ADVrider forum asking to use some of my photos which is how I come to have one of the first copies, but it’s now available direct from or eBay and will soon be on Amazon too.