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    I'll stick with my current bikes. One 'naked' another faired. Neither have fuel injection. Both are simple beasts to work on and have basic electrical systems. Both are what they are, not pimped to conform with the latest hipster fad ;D

    I'm in the early stages of planning a solo trip to Norway - fjords, Lofoten Islands, possibly North Cape and some trout fishing along the way. So far I've got about six weeks worth of 'must see this', 'must ride that', etc. but probably about three weeks to spare!

    Hello all,

    Jim here (xrv_jim) on - I recognise a fair few of you from over there.

    Current bikes are an '84 XL600R and a '92 TDM850. I recently sold my R1100GS and had an Africa Twin and an FJ1200 for many years before that. Lots of other bikes too, I've not been without at least one bike in the last 30 odd years!

    I'm based in the heart of Reiver country, just north of Carlisle about 6 miles south of the current border ;D Usual riding is short solo camping trips (southern and west coast of Scotland mainly) or longer solo or small group trips (Europe). I don't often go out for a 'Sunday ride', just for the hell of it.

    Looking forward to meeting some of you on the road!