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    Looking to head to Orkney in early 2020. Beginning of May or end of June. Not sure yet.

    Know where I'm kipping in Kirkwall. Intending to stay on 'mainland' and a wee hurl round Hoy.

    Is Hoy ferry turn up & ride on?

    Any recommended route.

    Places not to be missed, already have a list started. But no shortcut to local or prior knowledge.


    Hi Adrian

    Glad to see you looked at the site and joined as suggested. Lots of good advice and knowledge on here.

    Pity you hadn't joined before June last year. Myself and another ten bikes were on Eilean Siar again for a week. You could have tagged along. We spent a few nights in Stornoway and a few at the Gatliff Hostel on Berneray.

    Enjoy this forum!

    Hopscoth ticket not necessary anymore. You can buy for convenience but they offer no discount over individual tickets anymore. And you may find the hopscotch route isn't quite what you need for your particular planned route.

    Price savings gone now due to road equivalent pricing policy. Saves a fortune compared to old pricing.

    Usually get someone doing the prime for £300 and if you can find Targa trousers, old model so about £125. Some good lindstrands models too.

    I have a pair of waterproof halvarssons gloves now too, can't remember what style but my hands were dry after riding in torrential rain from Ardnamurchan to Mallaig.

    I had two sets of RST Paragon 4. Jacket and trousers.

    Both sets leaked like a sieve. First set exchanged. Second set I asked for a refund.

    Wouldn't recommend their gear.

    Halvarssons is a different cup of tea. Look for deals, there are usually some crackers about. My Prime jacket and Targa trousers have never let me down.

    British Army extreme cold weather gore tex boots. Ebay. Role as used. When they arrived they were brand new. Again, dry and toastie in the cold.

    Triumph stand was decent. But not impressed overall.

    Looking for a new helmet Jim, but none my size. Although one shop in bristol told me to call them Tuesday and if they have my size, they'll honour their show price which was bloody good.

    See what happens when I call.

    Even the displays were not up to last year.

    The thing that gets me, in these days of t'internet, forums, facebook, the various shops/dealers etc must realise that if they provide poor or unjustifiably high costing services - word gets round. And that isnt limited the the two wheeled arena.

    For a big world, its an awfully small place.

    Hope your recovery is quick and you're back on two wheels soon.

    Heading north for nightshift last night I passed police and ambulance at the top of the slip road off the M74 at Happendon services. Bike in bits lying in the grass verge.

    I'm not entirely sure why, perhaps my job, or a couple of wee front end slides, but I have lost a lot of confidence when riding damp or wet roads. Which is problematic as I ride all year.

    Getting to the point I'm considering some more advanced training. Regardless I am a great believer in all the gear all the time. As attested to by your good self Ken.

    Or perhaps I need to move to Morocco.

    Anyways, you're not the only one that slows down in the damp conditions Kenbo.

    Back on your feet before you know it!