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    Looking to head to Orkney in early 2020. Beginning of May or end of June. Not sure yet.

    Know where I'm kipping in Kirkwall. Intending to stay on 'mainland' and a wee hurl round Hoy.

    Is Hoy ferry turn up & ride on?

    Any recommended route.

    Places not to be missed, already have a list started. But no shortcut to local or prior knowledge.


    Another wee trip to LOMO.

    Still somewhat miffed at them for some award winning product development that was never acknowledged or even a quick thank you.

    However their gear still takes a bit of beating.

    Picked up a new holdall type dry bag. Wasnt sure whether I wanted the 40L or 60L.

    40 neat and tidy on bike, but opted for the 60L. Biker plus tent, maggot, exped and pillow fit nicely, even a bit of room for some more bits and bobs.

    The usual quality and value for money.

    I did notice that they are now doing a pretty substantial 3m x 3m tarpaulin with good strong loops for attaching bungees, land rovers, ADV bikes, half tonne boulders etc. And under £30. Tough, straight to the point with no uneccessary hangy off doofries or danglies. IMHO another good bit of well priced kit.


    They had one of their new inflatable camp mats blown up and on display. On first impressions it seems awfully flimsy material, not thick, no insulation within and a lot of welded seems creating gaps in the air bed like an egg carton, if that makes sense. Not convinced it will be biker proof. Again though, a decent price.

    It would be good to hear from someone once they have used the new airbed, and I'd love to be proven wrong. But for once with LOMO, my initial impressions are not good.

    Hi Adrian

    Glad to see you looked at the site and joined as suggested. Lots of good advice and knowledge on here.

    Pity you hadn't joined before June last year. Myself and another ten bikes were on Eilean Siar again for a week. You could have tagged along. We spent a few nights in Stornoway and a few at the Gatliff Hostel on Berneray.

    Enjoy this forum!

    Hopscoth ticket not necessary anymore. You can buy for convenience but they offer no discount over individual tickets anymore. And you may find the hopscotch route isn't quite what you need for your particular planned route.

    Price savings gone now due to road equivalent pricing policy. Saves a fortune compared to old pricing.

    The two lower waist pockets on my Prime have never let any water in. To be fair I'm not sure about the two chest pockets as I don't really use them.

    The three inner pockets are water tight too.

    Still a couple of chairs in Dumfries. No tables however.

    Something to look at, I got one.…b10b78:g:tfEAAOSwF25bIO9l

    A wee bit heavier and slightly longer when packed. However still a great size and weight for using on the bike.

    Very strong and stable. Tall back for reclining and built in pillow. A big plus for me, which I dint realise until I set it up, the seat is a fair bit higher from the ground than the Helinox chairs. So my lad now has my Chinese copy Helinox and I have my Kampa Tote.

    Cracking price too.

    I have the Prime jacket, Targa trousers and Advance gloves.

    Honestly, best hear I've ever had.


    As stated above, hunt around for the best prices. There are bargains to be had.

    I popped in and bought one of the Aldi chairs, to go with my Chinese copy.

    My Chinese copy is as well made as the Helinox I have looked at in the past. Cracking value in my humble opinion.

    Didn't notice the tables, another trip into town tomorrow to have a look. As long as it fits my top box or panniers, I will be buying it.

    OK. The Aldi chair. Not too impressed. Not nearly as well made as the chinese 'copy' which came from the same factory as the Helinox.

    The material used for the seat base, it feels quite substantially thinner and weaker than my copy.
    The metal work isnt as sturdy. Although the pics dont show too much difference, when sitting in the chairs the copy is sturdy while the Aldi chair wiggles and sways. Not at all confidence inspiring. I am 96kg and my good lady is substantially lighter but for once she agrees with me (wonders never cease) and shares my view of the Aldi chair being very flimsy feeling while sitting in it.

    I am unhappy enough with the Aldi chair that I am returning it tomorrow. I will have a look at the table, as it wont be bearing as much weight, hopefully it will be up to the advertised task.

    Chinese copy black metal. Aldi blue metal.

    Usually get someone doing the prime for £300 and if you can find Targa trousers, old model so about £125. Some good lindstrands models too.

    I have a pair of waterproof halvarssons gloves now too, can't remember what style but my hands were dry after riding in torrential rain from Ardnamurchan to Mallaig.

    I had two sets of RST Paragon 4. Jacket and trousers.

    Both sets leaked like a sieve. First set exchanged. Second set I asked for a refund.

    Wouldn't recommend their gear.

    Halvarssons is a different cup of tea. Look for deals, there are usually some crackers about. My Prime jacket and Targa trousers have never let me down.

    British Army extreme cold weather gore tex boots. Ebay. Role as used. When they arrived they were brand new. Again, dry and toastie in the cold.