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    I'm enjoying the forum too, and it don't matter that it ain't as huge as some other forums...more personal and friendly this way, and Scottish too :P Uuuh...time to display my ignorance, though, and ask: What is tapatalk?

    Honestly though, of all the forums that I am a member of this is the first one I log onto, and probably could be referred to as my 'go to' (gah! I hate that term lol) forum; keep up the good work, min...good on yer! ;)

    Ride safe y'all ;)

    Heya all....after an enforced period away from the forum, bikes, and outdoor life,mostly, I'm back and in the saddle again. Enjoyed my first blat about last week, and caught that loverly spell of fine gods but it felt good! I'd bought the F650 on my birfday in August, then had to put her in the garage about mid-September whilst Sister Morphine did her stuff :-\ Good to be back though...up and at 'em...or something like that!

    Ride safe y'all

    DM ;)


    I am happy (happier...?) with the forum being Scottish-based and, as such, local; nothing against the other forum(s), but it is good to know that most of y'all out there are in reasonably close proximity, and that there would be a good chance of me being able to attend/participate in any runs/rallies planned. I think it is probably the better for being a smaller, more local, bike forum ;D

    As I've said somewhere else on this forum, I found some of the videos shared to have been most inspiring and am looking forward to meeting some of you in the coming months. So, a big 'THANK YOU' to LWR for running what I've found to be a very helpful and friendly forum :)

    Ride safe now!

    DM ;)

    Steve T

    Thanks for the response. I didn't buy the F650 as it would've needed too much fettling before the MOT was due in October. So, still looking for a machine to ride around until I get the G/S ready for the road; only then will I consider the possibility of selling could PM me if you want to make an offer :P

    Cheers...ride safe!

    DM ;P

    Thanks for the welcome LWR and Steve, and thanks, too, for the hints on foibles of the marque....your comments were exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Yes, Steve, it is the red machine on Gumtree...looks in not too bad nick in the photos, but we'll see how it is in the flesh, as it were. Chain and sprockets...I swore after buying the G/S that I would never go back to a chain-driven bike...heigh-ho ::) That may well be the thing that tips the balance in deciding which BM to keep (if I buy the F650)

    Thanks for the input, and I'll let y'all know how I get on.

    Ride safe

    DM ;)

    Evenin' all :)

    I have a BMW R80 G/S which has languished in my garage for too long, while life took some unexpected twists and turns (as it does) and I had been looking for a smaller, lighter bike to run whilst I restored it; my thinking was that (a) it would get me my 'motor-biking head' back and, (b) would provide me with the incentive to get off my butt and to start getting the G/S fettled. I had not really considered a F650 until, tired of scanning all the ads and seeing the usual Divvies/ER-5's/CB500's/Bandits, I saw an ad for a F650 in my area. I researched the type of bike it was a bit more and it would appear to be the type of machine that led me to buy the ol' G/S waaay back in the 80's. Given my advancing years, and the fact that I have not swung my leg o'er a bike to ride on the roads for some time now, it seemed like a good choice.

    So...tomorrow sees me off to view the BMW F650 that had caught my eye. It is a 1994 machine, with 20+ K on the clock; the photos on the advert appear to show a clean, well-kept machine, and there is, allegedly, some paperwork/receipts to show provenance....if it feels good, and we can reach a mutually acceptable position, I'll buy it.

    Although it is somewhat short notice, I would appreciate any advice from readers of this forum regarding what to look for with regard to weak points/foibles of the marque. My main worry is that I might like it so much that I would want to sell ol' Gertie the G/S, and just keep the F650 (assuming I buy it)

    Thanks meantime

    Y'all ride safe now