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    I posted this one in the random biking thread, but it really should be in here as well. Contentment always follow the wee ride down the driveway to Muiravonside....8)

    Pulled more off the dog this year than ever before, plus a couple off myself. I use the forked end twisty thing, it seems to work well.

    I'm in the lucky group who can work from home. So, at moment no great money worries. My wife works for the NHS and is in the hospital every day, so that is a wee bit of a lingering concern. Just getting a bit stir crazy working in the same room and then spending the evenings in it as well!

    Like every-one else, all things bike are on hold. No matter what happens going forward, my bike year is wrecked as I will be flat out at work when we are allowed back out. We have a Euro bike trip planned for late August but I am not holding out any hope for that.

    Stay safe everyone...

    Hi Crows and welcome to the forum! As has been mentioned before, September is a great time visit Scotland. Some of the best bike tours and diving trips I have had have been later in the year. You will find lots of good info on the forum and if you have a look at the link in my signature you will find a lot of Scottish touring write ups.

    +1 Even though I can't go to rallies etc I think this forum has a good vibe and enjoy reading the contributions.

    Same here, it seems to be a good crowd in here and there is a a distinct lack of chaff in the posts. However, I am always working when the rallies & trips are on :(.

    Thanks for the links. Probably like you, I am scouring the net constantly for info and I look forward to your write up and photos...

    A few things in the mix for next year. A long weekend visit to the D Day beaches with a couple of mates. A couple of days up north taking in some roads I have yet to ride and also visit Altnaharra, you hear about it every winter!
    The wife wants to got to the Lakes, Dales, York and the Pennines in July.
    I'm going to try and get a weekend on Barra, as I missed it during this years Hebrides trip.
    I have a free pass for 9 days at the start of August that I am not sure what to do with yet.

    I'm interested in hearing about Norway trips. In a couple of years time am thinking of a long (3 or 4 week) trip. A week up the cost of Sweden and then meander home back down the coast of Norway.

    That will be the end of my blog if Photobucket goes down. If I can muster up the energy to start again, I'll probably go down the route of a personal website. I'll still be quids in on $399 a year!


    I don't know about this one, I had the original BruKit briefly and it only held one small canister. The neoprene sleeve actually works a lot better than you would think, it never seemed to have problems with the heat. I might treat myself to a Jackal for days out when I am not cooking but just brewing up or heating soup next to a loch somewhere!

    I mostly use my Trangia with gas conversion and a Light My Fire meal kit when I am camping as I like to cook when I am away. This set up works for me and I can, and have, whipped up some tasty meals with this.

    Trangia & meal kit packed up

    and what's inside


    Spring will be here quicker than you think Craig!

    Plans for 2017...

    The NC 500 with a couple of mates that I am going to extend to jump over to Orkney for a few days, take in some of the lesser traveled roads up north, visit Altnaharra (it is always on the news in the winter!) and a quick loop of Skye as well.

    Over the year I am going to try and have days out to the four cardinal points of Scotland and try and find the middle as well.

    March to October, first Sunday of the month loops with guys I ride with.

    Oh, and try to do better in the 2017 quest :-[