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    As requested Jim here are a few pics of stuff I have been working with. First up, 1/24 scale Scania R620 Topliner.

    1/35 scale Panther.

    And presently working on this.

    It si also 1/35 scale and the box contains a LOT of parts, some of them very small indeed.

    More progress pics to come if anyone is interested.


    luckily I went back to building plastic model kits a couple of months ago so plenty to keep me busy although it can be a bit boring stuck in the house most of the time. I did take the bike out yesterday to do some shopping, only 14 miles but it felt good. I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy during this corona thing.


    Just what I need, an in depth technical video of the guts of a head torch. Quite handy really as my many years old torch is needing replaced, only problem is there is no Poundland shops near me. :(


    I took a run up by Galashiels, Peebles, Stobo and Moffat, returning down by St Marys Loch managing to miss all the rain. Near the Beeftub there is a monument that I must have passed literally hundreds of times, but today I stopped to see what it was.

    Turns out it was in memory of two brave guys from the postal service.

    I doubt if you would get that kind of dedication these days.
    On the way down I took a few shots just to rub in what a lovely place the borders area is. :)



    You could look at leaving Edinburgh on the A7 to Hawick then Bonchester bridge, Keilder, Bellingham, Otterburn, Rothbury, Alnwick, Eglingham, Chatton, Wooler, Cornhill, Kelso, St Boswells, then the A68 back to Edinburgh. That's about 240 ish miles with some interesting back roads and nice scenery. If you want more details of road numbers I can look it up for you as I can not remember them all.


    I had a nice 140 mile run in glorious sunshine today with pictures to prove it.
    A couple of views over the Pentland hills taken on the back road from Innerleithen to Middleton.

    This from the north side of Soutra hill on the A68.

    And from the south side.

    The next two pics are taken off the road from Lauder to Stow.

    A really enjoyable few hours on the bike, for all you folks that have to work in this weather, you have my sympathy.

    I took a nice run to the seaside today by way of Pathead, Haddington and East Fortune ending up in North Berwick. The town was very busy as is usual when the sun is out. On the way out towards Dundar I stopped at a little cafe place and had the most expensive coffee and a scone ever. :o Anyway, it's only money and as far as I know I can't take it with me. ;)
    Here are a few pictures just to prove that the sun does shine in Scotland now and then.
    From along the sea front.

    The Bass Rock which is home to more than a few sea birds.

    Tantallon castle.

    A lovely 120 mile trip spoiled only by a slight delay on the way home caused by someone managing to turn a car upside down just north of Stow on the A7. :(