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    I sold the NC today so that one down and one to go, just have to get the Royal Enfield Classic 350 advertised and sold then I can look forward to being bikeless for the forseeable future. :)


    This is just to let you all know that having thought it through for the last few months I have decided that it is now time for me to give up biking. Even though I bought a new bike in August to see if a change would help I still feel the same, sometimes I look out the window and think it's a good biking day, but I just can't be arsed to get geared up and go out. Over the last year I have never ventured more than 100 miles from home so I am now preparing to sell both of my bikes.

    I will miss you all and would like to thank all those who I class as friends for all the good times with meets and ride outs and I assure you the memories will stay with me forever.

    You never know, I may buy another bike next year, but I doubt it.

    Thanks again guys and girls and I will pop in here now and then to see what nonesense you are all up to.


    I had a nice 170 mile run out today in great sunny weather, in fact it was too good to stop often for pictures so I only took 3.

    First 2 are on the B740 from Sanquhar to Crawfordjohn.



    This is on the A702 just outside Dolphinton.


    Nearly 1400 miles on the Enfield now and it is loosening up nicely.


    ........... 'cos I bought this.

    First day out today and did 138 miles in the sun, still running in so no flying about, to be honest it would only fly off a cliff as it's only a 20BHP 350cc engine but I will give it a try to see if I am ready to live with a (much) slower mode of transport. Royal Enfield have come a long way in the past few years and this bike is a fine example of that. Lovely smooth engine/gearbox, very comfy and handles well on the roughish back roads I took today. I still have the NC which I will keep just in case I decide that this bike is not for me in which case I will sell it and go back to the Honda, but I doubt I will.


    Hi Craig, sorry about this but can you take me off the list as I have been mugged to take a van load of bikes over to the Isle Of Man and stay there for TT week before bringing them home. Fuel, ferry and campsite all paid for me, bit of a bummer I know but what else can a man do? :D :D


    Only took one picture on my 160 mile jaunt today and I thought you may like to see it.


    It is a few miles from Alnwick and I stopped there for a fag and spent about 15 minutes just looking at the beauty of the countryside.