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    Nice wee 120 mile run today taking in Galshiels, Peebles, Stobo, Drumelzier, Rachan Mill and Moffatt where I stopped for a coffee in really warm sunshine. Then it was off down by St Marys Loch, back it to Galashiels for a fruitless search for something in Halfords then home. Below are the only 2 pics of the day taken on the Moffatt to Selkirk road.


    Time to say goodbye to my Honda XBR 500. :(

    It is going to it's new owner end of next week, good news is his money is coming to my bank account end of next week. :D


    I for one had no doubts about your ability to get the old girl back into the shape she was in before your little slide. Nice when your your handy work . . . works out isn't it :)

    Now carry on adding miles to the odo - you know you want to ;)

    The bike was all ready before Xmas but the weather was crap so I left it in the shop. I taxed it on the 1st of March but it has rained, been freezing cold or windy as hell but today the sun was out so what is a man supposed to do? ^^


    As the title, it was first time out on the bike since I dropped it in November. Just to make sure my repairs were sound I took a wee run to Kelso for an essential coffee at the petrol station and all seems to be well, nice steady run, never above 75 Mph (Oops, did I say that out loud?) it felt like I had never been without it.^^


    Nice wee informative video Craig I am sure they will be handy for some. I notice the running lights on your bike look to be the same as the ones I bought to replace the damaged ones on mine, I think I paid £14.50 for the pair delivered.


    If you look at the other smaller posts on the roadside you will see they are at the same angle which suggests that the camera positioning is to blame, but I could be wrong, it's not unknown. ;)


    On the 10th of July my speedo said..................

    Today near Gorebridge on the way home it said.................

    These 250 mile days soon add up, I reckon I will have to pay someone to take my bike now as no dealer will look at it.


    I have no doubt some of the eejits that get into trouble on the hills deserve a good slapping but this would never have made the news if it were not for the Covid "regulations" being in force, it looks like just trying to intimidate folks to do what they are told in my opinion (other opinions are available). Anyhoo, Jimmy Krankie and her ilk do not scare/rule me and I for one will go to jail before I pay a fine for being alive.

    Yours grumpily

    Auld lowlander.

    While I’m lucky enough to have a workshop where I can store and work on my bikes, it’s not a huge space, especially when one of them is up on a stand. The ridged floor surface (it was built as a stable) means it’s difficult to move it around. Therefore I was keen to get the XL back on its pins so I can wheel it around.

    In with the swingarm and rear suspension and on with the front end. I’ve said it before, there’s nowt to these old trail bikes compared to the heavyweight, complex stuff we all ride these days. An hour’s work, et voila! ?


    The rear end is all torqued up but some of the front-end bits need to come off again, but at least I can wheel it around now, and it’s the first time in a while since there’s been an engine in the frame ??

    Looks kind of familiar Jim.