Rubha Reidh lighthouse

  • Not been out for a bit Craig but I'v been told there's a chain across the road and a big no vehicles sign been put up.
    The local crofters wont see the chain there for long ;D Planning a look out there tomorrow if I get me bike back together in time.

  • Signed.

    Now, lets organise a mass ride, past / through the illegal barrier, and let the protaganist come forth and confront us with their alleged "legal position"!

    Ian - have the Northern Light House Board been contacted about this?

    Steve T


  • Now, lets organise a mass ride, past / through the illegal barrier, and let the protaganist come forth and confront us with their alleged "legal position"!

    Count me in.

    Hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go.....err NOT!!!

  • Hi guys cheers for the support, yea Steve the NLB and the land owner have been contacted by the community council, Visit Wester-Ross and we have a young lady with more brains than us lot put together checking out the legal jargon, so consider their butts well and truly kicked.
    Hopefully the next time we take a ride out there all the barriers and sign-age will be gone.
    Just had a look a the petition there and we are at 767 signatures in less than 24 hours so all looking good, Oh and here's an ironic discovery the web site
    is owned by the very people who are trying to stop us going out there, they are promoting tourism with one hand and taking away with the other. That's enough for now will keep you posted cheers Ian.

  • Just a wee update

    Great news!!
    By way of update, received today from the Scottish Government.
    [You] may wish to note that it is the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 (“the 1984 Actâ€) that defines a road. It provides that a roads is:
    "any way (other than a waterway) over which there is a public right of passage (by whatever means and whether subject to a toll or not) and includes the road's verge; and any bridge (whether permanent or temporary, over which the road passes; and any tunnel through which the road passes; and any reference to a road includes a part thereof…..â€
    It also provides that local authorities are the local road authority for all “roads†in their area. While a local authority is only responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of public roads on its list of roads, it is the roads authority over all “roads†in their area (as defined above), except those that the Scottish Ministers are responsible for i.e. trunk roads and motorways.
    Responsibilities of roads authorities extend to traffic signs and you may wish to contact the Highland Council in relation to your concerns. Where the sign is not a traffic sign, the local authority as the planning authority may have responsibilities for granting planning permission to signage.
    I hope this is helpful.
    I thank the author for giving us this clarification. It makes it clear that
    A) The road is under the ultimate jurisdiction of the Highland Council
    B) the erection of any road sign needs to be with the authority of the Council
    As there has been no notice/ approval whatsoever from the Council with regards to the erection of the sign in Melvaig, then it stands that this sign should be wholly ignored. Further to this, Tracy and Roger have been requested to remove the sign on the grounds that it is both hazardous and deliberately misleading.
    Whilst the removal of the sign is down to those who erected it (and not the public), the sign itself should be ignored and the public rights of passage enjoyed.
    If any member of the public who uses the road is subsequently challenged by those who erected it, then the public should be aware that the sign is not approved by the council and therefore unlawfully placed.
    I will be in touch with the various tourist information centres over the next day or so with a view to clarifying the actual legal position with regards to vehicular access to The Lighthouse and the various places of interest surrounding it.
    NB - if I'm challenged as to the veracity of this correspondence, then please be assured that I have the original communication. The one I have posted has been appropriately redacted for the purposes of social media.
    Thank you

    Well folks you can consider their arses well and truly kicked, so next time your in the area enjoy a ride out to the lighthouse it's a great biking road cheers Ian.

  • Round up the troops Steve and I'll join you ;D
    I've had the bit between my teeth for a couple of years now since I was at the end of a load of verbal abuse from the owners of the B+B, well happy with the outcome another great biking road saved.

  • Just to let you know the legal side of this was down to a young lady called
    Sophia Shafi who used to live in the area, the community council have been sitting on this for over a year, and Sophia had it sorted in just a few weeks with massive backing from the public.

  • Funny that the B7B owners attempt at *banning* people from using the road by car has had the opposite effect and now more people know about it and will seek out the road ..

    ...and a night in a B&B if they have driven a distance. There is no such thing as bad publicity

    Well done to everyone involved for getting it sorted though, it needed sorted.

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