2015's Wanderings

  • I started 2015 by saying good bye to this beast after nearly 6 years in my custody

    March saw me buy into a different type of riding style . . . .
    CBF1000, for those long but quick rides

    April saw me heading for the bombing range up at Durness to watch the Navy and Air Force doing their thing on exercise Joint Warrior. My steed for the trip – my ‘ickle F658GS

    In May I attended a little event at Strontian ;), again on the F658GS. Took in a few local dirty bits, as well as the Kinlochleven loop.

    In June I decided to watch the sunset from the west coast at Gairloch on the longest day, using the machine that I got to replace the @ - an orange F8GS

    Not one to leave the west coast alone for long, I took a run out with one of them toilet (WC)1200GS’s in August

    In September I combined another little rally ;) with a trip to Ireland, using the ‘ickle F658GS. My eldest lad joined me for the first part of the trip on his latest ride, a F8GS

    Quite glen campsite - wonder who organised this little gathering? ;)

    More father and son bonding on the dirt roads


    Did I mention I was doing the Paddy Dakar

    After the days fun, the evening presentation was followed by a chat from 2 real Dakar riders – Nicolas Boyer and Chris Cork (No 116 on this years event)

    Heading home

    A good year was had, with over 12.5k miles covered in all me wanderings

    Steve T


  • Cheers Craig.

    2016 is already aligning itself to be a fun year - Taffy Dakar booked with Lowflyer for April/May, preceded by a leisurely ride down via Yorkshire Dales, Lake district and North Wales ;D

    June - Lowflyer is doing the NC500 the Wrong Way Round ;D

    September - already booked into the Big Traillie Annual Gathering at Kelso.

    I'm sure other things ;) will pop up and fill the gap between the two above events

    Steve T


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