Whats on the cards for 2016

  • I have been very busy doing non billing things lately . .

    Which included Birthday parties , Jen's mother visiting from the states for a week (first time in Scotland), lots of DIY etc

    And I was wondering what everyone has planned for next year .. re.. biking stuff

    Holidays , rallies , trips etc .......


  • A boys overnighter in Applecross in mid May.

    I'll be having 4 days away camping and exploring lesser travelled roads around Skye and Torridon in early June.

    I have then got a week to ten days to myself in August and I am torn between going down to the D-Day beaches in France or going to the Outer Hebrides for a week. I am swaying towards the Hebrides right now, I am liking the idea of sailing from Ullapool to Lewis and then slowly meandering all the way down to Barra over five days and then sailing back to Oban. Camping all the way again.

    An extra-long weekend away with the wife to the Lakes and over to York. We will be in digs though, the boss doesn't share my love of camping!

    Hopefully I'll get to a meet or two this year as well...

  • Looking into the Alps at the moment and north Italy , and love to do Skye again, then the isles , oh and orkney.....truth is be lucky to do one , but can always hope!!

  • I have it me head that I'd like to go and do some of the easy trails in the Italian alps.

    Went to the Stella year before last and didn't get up the hill, so ticking that little box needs sorting (but not on the Stella rally weekend - far too busy :o), then its as many of the other trails in that local area as I'm inclined to do.

    Getting that far south would likely be a slow, meandering affair, again taking in as many high roads and passes as possible ;D

    Just a dream at the moment, but never say never ;)

    Steve T


  • I'm always thinking about what I'll be doing next year but my personal life has just been turned upside down and shaken around.

    Just split up with my girlfriend last weekend (which has led me to buy my first property myself) and my imminent career change is postponed until the next financial year so my summer will see me on a 5 month training course in Essex, commuting up and down on a weekly basis so no summer hols for me.

    With a bit of luck I'll be moving into my first property in January in time for my 30th so if I can save quick enough I'll try get a couple of weeks in between jobs if funds allow, but that could prove difficult just a few months after buying a house! Might just stick to a couple of long weekends in Spring, perhaps Applecross at Easter.

  • I've got a tip to Scotland planned in May I think :-\ with the IAM, but shall mostly be riding this :D

    Bazman, let me know if you decide on the Alps, as I know a fantastic place to stay.

    Lovely Beemer Mozza 8)
    If you would be so kind any help appreciated thanks :D

  • I'm planning a trip to Rome starting at a Roman camp near Buckie then following as much of the Roman roads as possible on the way. I'd be interested if anyone knows where it is possible to ride on the off road sections of Roman roads particularly Dere Street.

  • Quote from bazman link=topic=837.msg6049#msg6049

    Bazman, let me know if you decide on the Alps, as I know a fantastic place to stay.

    If you would be so kind any help appreciated thanks :D

    Have a look Here

    Hotel am Reschensee just down from Nauders and about 15 minutes from stelvio. Owners are very biker friendly and will even take you out on trips if you like. About £50 per night which includes bed, breakfast and huge evening meal. Carmens husband is the chef and you'll get between 4 and 6 courses.

    Located in Northern Italy and about 10 - 15 minutes from the Swiss and Austrian borders, so very handy.
    I've stayed twice now and highly recommend it.

  • Now I have the time - Retired you see and pensioned :) I have so many ideas, many of them grand and requiring months away ( and a bigger budget than i have got). House paid for, kids gone, no pets, no debts nothing to keep us except an elderly mother and a mother in law both of whom mostly manage fine. we have got the gear and its all tried and tested on other trips.

    I have jury service in March and hopefully that won't get in the way too much and is just the fortnight. While I dream of North America - Central America - South America - home, or Europe - Middle East - Africa - South Africa - Home I don't think it will come off in 2016 so I reckon we will have a mega europe tour trying to hit every European country except Scandinavia and Iceland but including Turkey for 3-4 months starting in May. Camp and live cheap, stay off the booze (mostly) and don't do mega daily mileage and I reckon I can do it on my pension alone. 8) But my son is in Oz and we haven't seen him for over a year so the wife wants to go out there; so she will win th emotional discussion about where to go. I will post some pics from Oz when we get there ???

  • That looks the biz !! Cheers for the recommendation 8)

  • I'm in the early stages of planning a solo trip to Norway - fjords, Lofoten Islands, possibly North Cape and some trout fishing along the way. So far I've got about six weeks worth of 'must see this', 'must ride that', etc. but probably about three weeks to spare!

    '04 TDM900, ‘84 XL600R (again) & Mrs. JRT’s F650GS

  • No foreign trips for me - but resolutions for 2016 are get more miles in and get myself to an ADV camping weekend .

    I can but dream of trips to the Alps or NordKapp!!

  • Looks like a trip to see an old friend who has just moved back to live in Salzburg.

    Meeting up with another old friend who now lives back in Burry Port, then it's (provisionally) Chunnel, Reims, Strasbourg, Stuttgart,Munich & Salzburg.

    There are some nice roads from Munich into Austria. I would recommend the 318 through Bad Wiessee then over the Achenseepass (308 I think). Although this would take you further south than you're intended destination.

  • Probably the same as this year, a few trips away with the tent around Scotland and the North of England. I just do not relish spending hours on motorways to get to other places further away. I also want to go to the Scottish motorbike show.

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