AllYearBiker and the ACF 50 Treatment

  • Evenin' all ;)

    I read about the above on the BMW Owners Club website and decided to look it up:

    The franchise has operators nationwide, with a link being given for an Aberdeen agent (Allan Duff) and I just wondered whether any of you had had any experience of this treatment; seemed a good buy, so...I bought a session for the F650 as a kinda 1st Anniversary pressie. I guess I can show y'all, for better or worse, at the Argyll Rally :o

    Ride safe

    DM 8)

  • I got it done on my Transalp, came up pretty clean, but not sure how well I rate the treatment. Even after some winter use post-treatment, it still showed some signs of corrosion even after regular rinsing down and keeping clean. Maybe I washed the treatment off, and maybe I shouldn't have washed it so much.

    Some people say they don't clean their like at all with the treatment on and it cleans up mint after a winter.

  • I think it's great for that once a year clean, especially before winter. The important thing is not to wash it off until after all the salt has gone from the roads, but they should tell you all that when they treat it. It should shine like a new pin :)
    I'll be getting mine done in the next couple of months ready fro winter.

  • Thanks for the feedback there :D As it happens, I shan't be able to show the treated bike off, as the guy can't manage over until the week after - in fact, I'm absolutely gutted to have to relate that I won't be able to get to the bash at all, for health/medical reasons :(

    Been looking forward to it all summer, but it can't happen this time around; maybe catch some of you on a weekend rideout sometime soon

    Ride safe y'all


  • If crud is sticking to the bike, you have put on too much. ACF50 comes in a rattle can, so I shake it like it is paint and also warm the can by leaving it in the sun for a while. Then when the spray comes out it is finer. That is what All Year Biker are in effect doing when they say

    "High pressure spray equipment atomises ACF50 into a dense mist that penetrates deep into every area of your bike."

    I also apply ACF50 by spraying a clean brush and painting it on. That leaves a fine film, which is what you want.

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