Knackerd zip

  • My fav jacket a 6 year old RST Pro Series. The fine zip on the outside is parting company company from the jacket.
    Been looking at a replacement but at between £200 & £250 for the same or the Pro Adventure it is just too much cash for me at the moment (new car 3 weeks ago)

    So Googled zip repairs and thinking about going to see these guys to see what they can do.

    Has anyone here used them in the past?

  • Never used those guys, but there is a good wee Polish tailors down on Barton Street, Stirling, who fixed up my brand new Halvarssons trousers for me after the crotch flap popper came off the first time I wore them.

  • Cheers Steve.
    Just put into a place "Elizabeth alterations" in Falkirk today. £14.50 for a full lenth new zip. Get it back next week

    The Scottish Mountain gear Company looks good for rips and tears. They are endorsed by Gortex and a few others, but they wanted £40 for a full lenth zip plus its an hours drive to get to them. So no brainer for a 6 year old jacket.......

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