Road Trip - North Thailand

  • Road trip from Chiang Mai, Pai, Mae Hong Song, Mae Chaem, Doi Inthanon then back to Chiang Mai for a 2 Day Horizons Unlimited mini meet. Then off to Nan, Phi Chi Fa (sneaked over the border to Laos), Chaing Saen (Golden Triangle). Mai Sai (and official visit to Burma to get a new Thai Visa), Mae Salong, Chiang Rai and back to Chiang Mai.

    Not one for sitting typing for hours, I'll sum it up by saying superb, can't wait to do it again. But here's a trip report in pictures -…s46/Thailand%202015/story

  • I forgot to mention that this guy, Omar Mansour -

    Appears (allegedly) and is credited for providing footage for this -

    Traveled together for a few days with another 2 bikes, parted company at the Burma Border. Good guy.

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