Charity run ????

  • Just an idea I have had in my head for a little while so just going to post here and see what you guys think.

    Thinking about setting up a charity run around Scotland and calling it "5 bridges tour" taking in the Erskine bridge, to Mallaig ferry to Skye to cross the Skye bridge, on to the Kessock bridge then down to do the Tay bridge finaly crossing the Forth bridge.

    Thought about doing it for Help for heros and starting finnishing at Stiling castle.
    However another young charity has got my imagination "Scottish Charity Air ambulance" They are based in Perth so thinking about going the other way arround starting and ending at their base in Perth
    How about 4 bikes doing it (limited numbers becouse of the Skye ferry) raising about £1K each.
    Is it more practical to do it in 24 or 48 hours considering doing it in summer. Thinking if 48 hours we would camp on Skye.

    Never done anything like this before so all suggestions and ideas will be greatly recived

    Here is a link to the charity web site

  • I'm considering doing something next year. 5 bridges tour would be fun.

    Edit. 500 miles starting/finishing in perth, doable in a day? Probably better for the charity as its more of a challenge. Anyone can do that in 2 days.

  • The route needs a bit of working out.
    My main concern for the timing is making the Skye ferry but again something that needs to be worked out.

    Think my next step needs to be contacting the charity and see what they say. Do you agree in principle about doing it for SCAA?

  • not bothered about the charity, as long as is local and of benifit to many ( Air Ambulances is a good one )

    500 miles is well doable in the summer when there is mucho daylight..

    I am in :-)

  • Cool

    Looks like good intrest. Phoned the SCAA and spoke to someone who looks after their fund raising.
    She gave me some ideas how to take this foward.

    So plan to do this in the summer will look at some dates in the newyear and post up here to see who is avilable for what dates. Then arrainge a meet with those taking part. Initialy plan a group of four but no more that six depending on intrest.


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