Fork Seals - Sealmate

  • Think I've just saved myself a fork seal change.
    Found a thing called "Sealmate" on ebay with videos how to use it on you tube. Basically a thin piece of
    plastic you insert between the fork leg and the oil seal, run the plastic thing round and lift any crap off the sealing face out.
    Pump the forks a few times to reseat the seal.
    Used it today on what I thought was a knackered seal and it seems to have worked....time will tell.
    Hope it's of some use to someone out there.

  • A guy once showed me how to make something like that using the plastic from a sandwich carton, never tried it myself (yet) but for a fiver it might be worth buying the tool. :)


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  • £5.39 from top_caan_UK on ebay. Free postage.

    Very quick and easy to do ..definitely worth a try before going for seal change.

  • Good tip there, and certainly worth a look. I'm looking to put fork gaiters on soon as past experience has shown that they help protect the seals from the ingress of grit etc. I know some of you out there prefer the look of shiny fork legs, but...?

    Ride safe

    DM ;)

  • Been looking at these for ages but always thought 'it can't be that simple' Do they really work? Or is it all marketing hype? There are so many gadgets out there these days that an old cynic like me never believes anything :-(
    Always end up thinking they never had anything like that when i started motorcycling (Bantam D3) so why should i need one now?
    Got to change my ways :-)

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  • Never had a fork seal leak or replaced in 44 years of biking ,before & after every ride I spray a small a mount of WD40 or silicon spray on to some clean kitchen towel then wrap it round the stantions & slide up & down.

    Seems to work for me but then again I don't do much of roading.


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