Honda Transalp 650

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    Manufacturer Honda
    Model XL650V Transalp
    Price 4,400 (When new)
    Top Speed 110
    Insurance Group 11
    Engine Size 647cc
    Engine Type SOHC 52º V-twin
    Compression Ratio 9.2:1
    BH Power 40 kW (54 hp) at 7,500 rpm
    Torque 54 N·m (40 ft·lbf) at 5,500 rpm
    Gears 5
    Seat Hight 843 mm
    Fuel Capacity 19.6 litres
    Average MPG 50 - 60
    Tank Range 170 - 180 miles
    Dry Weight 192
    Front Tyre Size 90/90-21 54S
    Rear Tyre Size 120/90-17 64S
    Brakes Front 2 x Disc Brakes
    Brakes Rear Disc Brakes

    I get on very well with my Transalp , it' composed on the road especially on the A & B roads .
    Very easy to handle with an upright seating position gives you a great view of the road ahead.

    The bike is great at low speed when parking , slow speed manoeuvres with its v twin and carbs give lovely low end control.
    In a straight line it will cruise along at 70 all day but in standard trim the windscreen can get wind blast.
    I have modified from the standard quite a bit , with screen and crash-bars the first things I did .

    I bought the bike in 2008 with 4000 miles on the clock at a year old the bike had had a fairly hard life , changed the chain and tyres at the showroom ..
    Now its 2013 .. The Transalp 650 has now nearly 40,000 on her , with zero issues .
    As for servicing , once the warranty ran out , I have done all my own servicing . Easy enough to service apart from the strip down to do the valves .

    In a sentence .. A very underrated bike which will just keep going !

    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

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  • Great pic of the bike there Largeway! the Buchailletive Mor in the background. One of my fave mountains. climbed all over it as a young lad!

    As you know, I'm looking forward to getting the new Fuel silencer on my alp. I was wondering what you thought of it as a comparison to the oem fitted. Is it a lot lighter and did you notice any difference in how the bike rides. I did find a dyno curve posted on the net from Italy which suggested a replacement rear silencer (Leo Vince) improved the low end power/torque by about 5-10% from about 3-5000 rpm but were pretty much the same after that (even more in that area with the pipes decat)!
    I think that was with the DB reducer out. Have you experimented with your Fuel can?
    If yes, do you ride with the DB killer in or out?


  • Hi Kmac

    errr . I think it is .. Glencoe

    Taken on my way to the Isle of Mull , here is another picture . (landscape, not sure how this will show on this forum)

    Aye the fuel exhaust is nice piece of kit . Lighter as you say . Fitting it was easy , just be careful removing the old one.
    Use some exhaust paste on the joints , tighter up , test for leaks .. Done

    I drive with my DB Killer in (as would scare the neighbours) , noticed a slight different in power maybe .. and nicer tone.
    If you can live with the DB killer out , then sounds much deeper .

    The overrun popping is about the same if slightly better than the standard can.


    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

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  • Cheers Largeway, looking forward to getting it fitted and farkling the alp up a bit! Further improvements in the 3-5k rev range would be welcome as its already strong in that area and one of the best points about the engine design! Last year I put an MRA large spoiler on the Honda touring screen that was already on the bike and its really made a difference in comfort.

    Your pic is near Glencoe and it is the Buachaille, an iconic Scottish mountain (the "great herdsman" is its aka). I climbed these cliffs in my youth with and without its winter clothes on!

    Would love to have a pic of my bike on that day you had!


  • There you go , a man who knows his mountains .. :) Yes it was a stunning day , in fact it was like this all weekend .

    A bit cold for tinkering in the garage , unless its properly heated (mine is not!)

    Sure you will like the new exhaust .. looks the business as well ..

    Need any more help info , I have done lots on my bike .

    Cheers LWR

    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

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