J & S Hamilton

  • Well I had ordered new trousers and jacket, Wolf Titanium gear. Chris, the branch manager, couldn't have been more helpful. Ordered in from another of their stores. I also tried the Givi X.01 Tourer. And a wee discount to sweeten the deal!

    But.... When the Wolf gear arrived it was 'small' sized and Chris couldn't source the gear in a bigger size. But all was not lost! Chris said the new RST Paragon 4 was due in.

    So another wait for a few weeks until the gear arrived.

    When I went back in to try the Paragon, brilliant. Impressed with the gear. But due to the fit, decided not to take the helmet. So off to the check out...

    And that's where it all went wrong.

    The day I went in Chris was off, so I was dealing with another member off staff. Jacket and trousers rang through the till.... no discount. Even though deposit had been paid and discount marked on receipt.

    When I pointed this out, things went from bad to worse! Treated very poorly. Attitude and language. So I asked for and got my deposit back.

    Went back in today as I knew Chris was working. Had a good chat with him. But the bottom line is after using the Hamilton store for I think 18 years, I will not be back.

    I am going to order the Paragon stuff online, which will cost me exactly the same as I would have paid in store. Or might take a run to the Westgate bike shops in Newcastle.

    Now am I cutting my nose off to spite my face by not using the store again? But I really do feel angry about the way the assistant manager dealt with me.

    Rant over.

  • Very shortsighted on their part. Retailers need to remember buyers have so many more options now. Leaving a loyal customer feeling bruised is just daft. I had a similar situation buying a helmet recently. A discount was mentioned on my first visit, but then when I went back the word was it was not possible because the helmet was already reduced. True, but why mention a possible loyalty discount then? If i do go back to them they will have to work that wee bit harder for a sale next time. >:(

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