• Some how those tyre look better in your pictures than they do on the tyre rack at the local dealers. Still not convinced that they are a dual use tyre.

    Prove me wrong Craig ;D ;)

    Steve T


  • I will try Steve ..

    Report back when fitted them (maybe 500 miles -1000 miles left in current tyres) ..

    Will be a good comparison with the Anakee2 I have on ..

    I would have like a more aggressive tyre but if they do well on the road (in the wet) .. I will be happy .

    You know me .. not one to go up any muddy forest track without great thought ...... ;)

    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

  • Fitted these to my xt660z and xt1200z in march. They're really good on the road and in the wet, much better on the 1200 than the battlewings it came on. On the 660 they feel more predictable than the original tourances especially in the wet and far quieter than the sahara 3's that have just come off it. They don't seem any worse on gravely tracks than the tourances so would probably be ok on the Raiders road etc but i wouldn't suspect them to be any good in much mud. I don't think any of the more road biased dual tyres will be that good off road if you want to do more gnarly tracks i would suspect a more aggressive tyre would be a better choice and compromise slightly on the road /grip/noise.

    I&#039;m never really lost, until i&#039;ve run out of petrol.<br /><br />Eagles may soar, but chickens don&#039;t get sucked into jet engines.

  • on the 660

    I&#039;m never really lost, until i&#039;ve run out of petrol.<br /><br />Eagles may soar, but chickens don&#039;t get sucked into jet engines.

  • on th 1200 rims

    I&#039;m never really lost, until i&#039;ve run out of petrol.<br /><br />Eagles may soar, but chickens don&#039;t get sucked into jet engines.

  • Guys,

    Looked at these as I've been on Anakees for it seems like eternity. I didn't rate the A3's just coz they look more road biased, but hey, could be wrong there

    Went for Conti Escapes and haven't really gone " off piste " so far, done a few forest trails but a set of slicks will get you through them 8)

    be good to get feedback at Ardnamurchan, see what the craic is with them :D

    Greenest Africa Twin BMW 1200 GS Adventure BMW R80

  • I have absolutely no intention of going off road with my 2 hundred and 70 odd kilo (thats quarter of a ton!!!!! :o) Varadero. Plus I'm a bit of a vertically challenged twig body with 2 knacked shoulders, 2 herniated discs and sciatica. I'd have gone full road tyre, Road 3's or 4's but these were cheaper. I shall have a scrub later today and see what's what.

  • Does your Doctor know that you are out riding dangerous bikes? ;)

    Yeah, he's my work doctor too ;D, he rides old Truimphs and is a motorsport doctor as well. After my last interaction with the tarmac being a grade 3 luxation of the acromiaclavicular joint (separated shoulder), my first thought whilst lying in agony on the road was "crap, I'm going off to a motorbike rally in May, hope it's mended by then !!"

    It is, mostly :) Although I have a nice lump on my shoulder as a reminder.

  • Yep, dead common rugby injury, also cycling (that's how I done mine)

    Now, tyres. Had a blat earlier and a noticeable difference to what was on the bike.

    Firstly it is a smoother ride.

    Secondly the turn in is a little slower so a little more bar leverage required but after about half a mile I'd forgotten about it or got used to it.

    Thirdly there's less weave in fast corners, like 80mph plus. Even tried to initiate a weave by backing off the throttle mid fast sweeper but nowt. Even hitting a bump mid corner didn't upset it.

    Fourthly they do make a funny noise at certain speeds, like a whining but it was difficult to tell with earplugs in.

    It was dry so dunno about the wet but all reports on the interweb are that they are fine. By the end of my scrubbing session I'd stopped thinking about them which is how it should be, if you don't notice something then it's working just fine. I like them :)

  • I have no chicken strips on the back tyre after Ardnamurchan 8)

    Though I did notice the bar weavy thing that Varaderos are famous for from about 50 down to 35-30 ish. Never had it with the Death Wings that were fitted prior (they were just plain nasty in the wet). Only noticed on the way up to Strontian but bike was loaded up and suspension cranked up too. After research on this here interweb thingy about bar weave and shakes I came across more than one article about tyre stiffness can be a cause as it doesn't damp out the inherant oscillations some bikes have. Found out that the Anakee 3's are a stiff construction as they're aimed mainly at the road. So, it gets me thinking about tyres and geometry.

    So, fiddling in the garage earlier I have gone down 5 clicks on the rear preload to slightly alter the head angle and what I think has made the biggest difference, down 3 psi in the front tyre so it is more squishy (I'm not technical) and maybe more able to damp out wobbles. Out for a test..........and.........voila.............no more bar weaving at any speed. :)

  • Well they are on the Bike at last .. fitted to loose wheels tuesday and fitted them on the bike tonight .. So will hopefully get some time on them this weekend .


    It's a small world, I was doing exactly the same thing, 2 new Conti Trail Attack 2's on the xtourer last night.
    Bought them on the internet, had them fitted locally by a (mainly) car fitting centre... who couldn't balance them for me!! (1st mistake on my part) Then took them to the nearest Honda dealer who balanced the front, but didn't have the kit required to balance the rear !! It's a single sided swinging arm, so some sort of "expensive" adapter needed. To cut a long story short, fitted them anyway, and went for a short spin. No vibration from the rear, so hopefully ok, only time will tell. Otherwise, totally transformed the feel of the bike, no real surprise there, both old battlewings were totally knackered... I know the feeling :)

  • 180 miles from new on Saturday .. of course taking it easy to run them in a bit , but still managed to get myself stuck halfway up a forest hill and had to push the bike backwards for 50 metres .. (thats why I am out of breath on the video to follow) . :P

    Not because of the tyres I might add they were going great :o

    I just chickened out (as unknown track , really nasty ruts and I was myself) .. ::) ::)

    Video will be available here soon

    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

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  • This is what they look like after 3100 miles and used 3mm of tread from the centre.

    This is how poor old Bibendum is not holding up on the edges :o

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