Disclaimer Meets / Rideouts / Rallies

  • Anyone attending a Ride Out or Event organised through this forum does so at their own risk.

    ADVSCOTLAND will not be held responsible in any way for damage or personal injury sustained or anything else that may occur while attending any such events.

    Members attending any such event do so at their own risk.

    Please respect the rules of the road and other road users .

    If you are off road with permission , please respect the leader and the rules that have been agreed between landowner and organiser .
    The leader / organiser word will be final , and you may be asked to leave the group and / or escorted back to the public road .

    Off roading in Scotland is tricky and getting permissions for group riding is very difficult.
    Please respect the time and effort and the reputation of ADV Scotland and / or Organiser, whilst on any off road event.

    Please do not ride off road on private property without permission .. If you do so then ADV Scotland take no responsibility for any legal action taken against you or your
    fellow riders .. DO so at your own risk ..

    Be aware that your bike insurance will not cover you for *offroading* so be very careful.

    Above all enjoy yourselves and have fun, but don't come crying to us when Jimmy runs in to the back of you!

    I am sure that someone will be only to happy to get the camera out and post it here .. so please be careful out there ! ;) ;D

  • Worth noting that my insurance company told me I am not insured for anything other that a legally defined road. I did not bother asking for further clarification, but without permission up some track, I doubt it.

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