Nice day out.

  • I had a nice 170 mile run out today in great sunny weather, in fact it was too good to stop often for pictures so I only took 3.

    First 2 are on the B740 from Sanquhar to Crawfordjohn.



    This is on the A702 just outside Dolphinton.


    Nearly 1400 miles on the Enfield now and it is loosening up nicely.


    Every day above ground is a good day.

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  • Nice going Andy :thumbup:

    I was on the 702 on Tuesday when heading home from the deep south. On the way down I took the 701 to Moffat. Not used that route before, but I will do in the future - it's ACE

  • Steve,

    I have used the A701 a lot over the years but I have never ever enjoyed the junction where it meets up with the A702 just before the 702 meets the bypass. I don't know how many accidents there have been but poor visibility combined with volume if traffic are a problem for sure - four wheels or two when heading North.

    A couple of years back I found a way of enjoying the A701 and then joining the A702 near Penecuik.

    The attached pic with a red line scrawled across it shows a road that runs from the 701 in Penecuik through a relatively new housing estate to join the 702 at a nice new roundabout.

    It is called Mauricewood Rd and is a left turn at a set of traffic lights. The roundabout was presumably put in to support the umpteen hundred vehicles leaving the nice Cala houses heading to Embra.

    My marker in Penecuik is a run of green metal fencing on your left as you approach and Tesco on the right.


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